How To Use A Stun Gun Properly? – Our Proven Experience

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How to use a stun gun is as important as buying it for the self-defense purpose, Using a Stun Gun properly is an essential skill if you want to keep yourself secured:

  1. Choose a mini-stun gun that can be easily kept in pocket.
  2. Familiarize your hand to find the trigger button without looking.
  3. Use the effective stun guns Only that have the high amperage.
  4. Learn & Practice to aim at the sensitive areas in the human body.

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I have tested numerous stun guns through experiments i used to make it with the team, and i can confirm that knowing where to aim and picking the highest amperage device are the most important steps to make the stun gun a very effective self-defense weapon. 

At the light of my practical knowledge using stun guns from different brands, I decided to write down this article to share with you the most important tips that will help to know how to use a stun gun properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will be able to learn where to aim and practice using the stun gun till it became familiar to your hand.
  • Stun guns can not penetrate the heavy clothes then you must aim for the naked body areas that have nerve endings like the chin, neck and the face in general.
  • You will need to make sure that batteries are fully recharged before you leave by testing the stun gun itself.
  • Removing the safety button must be quick and always remember to use the stun gun fairly without harming others as it is designed for the self-defense purposes only. 

By the end of reading this article, you will have a good background of knowing how to use a stun gun, Here are the topics we are going to cover :

Make Your Hand Familiarized With The [eafl id=”1967″ name=”Stun guns” text=”Stun Gun:”]

Remember, purchasing a Stun gun is an easy decision but that self-defense weapon will not be effective unless you start to be familiarized with it.

There are 10s of stun gun types:

how to use a stun gun

And the list is long but the point of this is i need you to know your weapon and start practicing it and do your body gestures with the stun gun.

That way, the stun gun device will not be strange to your hand and you can become ready to use it when needed. 

Please don’t ignore this crucial tip as several people could not get the courage to use it when they have been in a serious situation just because their hands did not practice handling a stun gun before.

Where You Should Aim At With A Stun Gun?

  • Aim for the sensitive areas where there are some nerve endings like eyes , chin , nose & neck if you are really in a dangerous situation.
  • If this is difficult during an attack, you can go for the upper hip, the shoulder & below the rib cage “the 3 most effective areas you can easily make a contact with”
  • Let’s agree that triggering the stun gun for 3-4 seconds is good enough to stop the attacker and run away.

Can A Stun Gun Penetrate Clothes?

  • There is no short answer to that question as it depends if the attacker is wearing heavy cloth like a jacket so he will not feel any pain, but if he is wearing light cloth, definitely he will feel every electrical current coming out of your stun gun.
  • I highly encourage you to have a powerful stun gun that has 2 Milliampere to have a higher and better chance of survival no matter what the situation you are dealing with.
  • The most painful stun gun is always a winner in any fight.

When Do You Use The Safety Switch?

Make sure the safety button is ON so that you ensure your safety from using it against yourself accidentally.

keep the stun gun in a very accessible place to be always ready for any situation. so you can grab the stun gun quickly to start defending yourself.

But don’t forget to remove the safety button first, those movements must be quick and that must be a part of our practice routine that I explained earlier – Always Be Ready !!

Red light means the stun gun is ready to use.

How To Use A Stun Gun For Protection Only:

How To Avoid The Dead Batteries?

As I explained above, you must always be ready. So please make sure to recharge the stun gun batteries and test them before going anywhere to avoid being in trouble with a dead useless weapon.

The Bottom Line:

How to use a stun gun is kind of a skill that needs to be mastered:

  • Always practice and do your body gestures with your stun gun in hand.
  • Remember that owning a stun gun is just for personal security.
  • Focus on the above mentioned body areas to stun the attacker effectively.
  • You must count on the best stun gun like the shockwave device.
  • Always make sure your weapon is fully recharged and the safety switch is ON.



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