Choosing the Right Self-Defense Weapon: Stun Gun vs Taser

How Many AMPs In A TASER?

Most individuals seeking to enhance their personal safety often debate between stun gun vs taser. Understanding the key differences between these self-defense weapons is crucial to making an informed decision. Stun guns require direct contact for a powerful shock, while …

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TASER Bolt 2 Review

taser bolt 2 review

    Key Takeaways:   My Experience In How Does TASER Bolt 2 Works? Explaining The 30-Sec. Cycle: Alerting The Emergency Dispatch: When the taser bolt 2 is deployed, it will alert the emergency dispatch as the device is connected …

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Best Taser For A Woman To Carry

best tasers for women

 Best taser for a woman to carry is TASER Pulse and Taser Bolt as: TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 is affordable but not recommended for women as it require to physically touch the attacker with the metal probes to feel the electrical …

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How Far Can A TASER Shoot ? – Unleash the shock

can a security guard carry Taser

Discover the jaw-dropping truth on how far can a taser shoot! Stay electrified with our eye-opening insights The range of a Taser is limited by the length of the wires attached to the darts. There are currently two lengths available, …

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How Many Volts In A Police Taser

how many volts in a police taser

The direct answer of how many volts in a police taser is 50,000 Volts of electricity that exist in most of the police Taser devices. I was curious to know how many volts in a police taser, Then i found …

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Where To Buy A Taser In Florida?

where to buy a taser in florida

Do you live in Florida and asking about where to buy a Taser in Florida? Great, You can buy a TASER in Florida from Home Security Superstore, then they are going to ship it to your doorstep. Also Tasers can …

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Can A Security Guard Carry A Taser

can a security guard carry a taser

Can a security guard carry a Taser or not, The answer should be depending on country, State and the employer as well: For example, in the UK you NEVER carry TASER or Pepper spray, the laws in the UK consider …

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