Best Taser For A Woman To Carry

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best tasers for women

 Best taser for a woman to carry is TASER Pulse and Taser Bolt as:

  • Both are a 15Ft. long-distance non-lethal weapons can keep the women away from the attacker.
  • Very effective to stop any attacker as TASER devices can NEVER be resisted because of the high amperage that comes out through taser prongs.
  • Handy & lightweight which is perfectly suitable for ladies beside the advantage of the lifetime replacement.

TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 is affordable but not recommended for women as it require to physically touch the attacker with the metal probes to feel the electrical currents.

Please keep reading until the end of this article, as I have spent a lot of hours researching this matter for my sisters, in order to recommend them the best reliable self-defense tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • TASER Bolt & TASER Pulse are the GREATEST non-lethal self defense tools in the market because they have a shooting range that can up to 5 meters.
  • There are other stun guns in the market are so powerful but all of them are contact-weapon devices which require you to touch the bare skin of the attacker to stop him which can be risky for women in particular.
  • There is no stun gun company in the market offers you a device replacement for free if it is lost during a self-defense situation but thanks to TASER®, they do but you have to provide a police report.
  • That’s why I always recommend whether TASER BOLT or PULSE as the best TASER for a woman to carry.
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bolt_pers_cap_lightE-1 TASER Bolt 2 – Connected to Axon Protect app.

– Shooting range up to 15 Ft.

– Lifetime Replacement if lost during an attack (police report must be provided).

– weighs only 8.4 oz and is 6.5″ long making it easy to carry in hand or in a purse
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TASER-Pulse_White_1 TASER Pulse -Life-time Replacement like TASER Bolt & has the same range of 15 Ft.

– Weight: 0.5 lbs.

-Dimensions: 5.25″ x 4.75″ x 1.25″
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best taser for a woman to carry

FAQ: Best Taser for a Woman to Carry?

  • Like I said earlier, I have picked TASER Pulse & TASER Bolt for my sisters as they can shoot from a long distance that can be up to 4-5 meters.
  • That will provide safe distance between the ladies & the attacker, that’s why I could not recommend them a normal stun guns like ZAP Blast Knuckles Or a Pink TASER because I know my sisters 🙂 – Safety comes first in their prospective.
  • If you are on budget and can not pay the 300 USD, you may get a contact-weapon stun gun instead of the long-distance TASER.
  • Still FOX Pepper Spray is a great alternative you may consider as a TASER alternative.

What is the Criteria To Evaluate The Best TASER For Women?

Several Factors I could consider to choose the top TASER for women:

  • Shooting Range: Long Distance non-lethal weapons are safe because it keeps you away from the attacker & you can incapacitate him from 4-5 meters away.
  • Power: According to my experience in this area, Any Stun gun device without a high amperage, there will be no enough electricity to deliver the needed pain to the attacker which may put you at risk to deal with this potential danger safely.
  • Pricing: I know that TASER Devices are expensive but the alternatives are less powerful in addition to losing the shooting range advantage “You can count on the pepper spray with high SHU as a less-powerful option if you are on budget”

What is the legal status of carrying a taser for self-defense?

  • You will need to check the local laws in your state before carrying a TASER to avoid any legal problems.
  • For example, the following US. states ( Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wisconsin) require a concealed carry permit until the time of writing this article.
  • But the rules or the laws may change, that’s why you need to check yourself through the official website of your state before carrying this device.

How do I safely use a taser for self-defense?

  • What I do like about TASER Bolt 2 is the Safety cap as it prevents the unit from being fired until the safety is disengaged and the cap falls off.
  • THE TOP ADVANTAGE: The Unit wirelessly connects to your phone to alert an agent via the Axon Protect app when it is fired ( You will be 100% Safe )
  • Built-in 210-lumen LED and a red targeting LASER turn on when active for better sight & accuracy which helps you illuminate the dark areas & temporarily blind the attacker as well.

What are the potential risks and drawbacks of carrying a TASER for self-defense?

While TASERs can be effective for the self-defense purposes, they also come with potential risks and drawbacks that I want to discuss it with you before deciding to carry a TASER:

  1. CARTRIDGES: If you missed the target, there will be no extra cartridge to fire again, and you will have to re-load another cartridge to shoot again.
  2. Limited Range: Tasers have a limited range, typically around 15 feet. but yet this is the longest range ever in the market nowadays.
  3. Learning How-To-Aim: There are some ladies face this challenge however there a laser that help you hit the target but this skill can be gained easily by practice.
  4. The Pricing :is expensive for some ladies to afford paying 400 USD. but you must consider that once shooting & using this device, The app uses the GPS location of your phone to help direct law enforcement to your location.

Final Verdict

Now you know what you have to do, TASER Bolt can be your life insurance as honestly this should be the best taser for a woman to carry to ensure her safety in any place.

If the pricing is challenging, you may get a less powerful alternative which is the fox pepper spray as it has a high SHU.

At the end of my article, I would like to leave you with the ultimate guide of the best stun gun in the market , you can read it if you don’t care about the shooting range advantage.

Good luck & I wish you, your friends and your family members the safety & happiness wherever you go 🙂




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