Best Pink Taser For Ladies | Is It Effective?

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PINK Taser

I decided to write a blog post about this matter as the majority of ladies prefer the pinky color, so why not picking the best effective stun gun that has the same color 🙂

The best pink taser or stun gun is ZAP Stick Stun Gun, as it has several advantages:

  • Affordable & easily portable as it is 6 inches long & 1 inch wide.
  • Starting from ONLY 20 US Dollars you can own your first non-lethal self defense tool.
  • Non-slip rubber covering provides a no-slip grip and has a wrist strap 
  • So many positive reviews left by the persons who already bought it.
  • Ultra bright flashlight with 800K Volts as a Stopping Power.

Best Pink taser is highly required by ladies, not just because of its color but also because of its great stopping power to help all ladies effectively to incapacitate an attacker.

Short Summary:

  • Pink tasers or Stun guns attract the ladies as this is their favorite color & they are effective at the same time to stop any attacker.
  • Learning how to use the stun gun properly will help you so much to be secure & not to cause a permanent injury to the others.
  • Both Tasers & Stun guns have the same power except the range.
  • To BUY the best pink taser, You MUST look for the highest amperage stun gun then check the other safety features like the disable pin, alarm & safety switch.

Why Pink Tasers Stand Out?

  • There is nothing special about pink tasers because they have the same stopping power of the other taser guns.
  • The pink color refers to the femininity, which is always marketed to the women as a reliable self-defense tool, so all the brands started to think of making a product that is targeted to the biggest layer in the self-defense market.

  • In a nutshell, Women love this color, & at the same time the stun gun is so effective to incapacitate the attacker, So why they go for the black color leaving their favorite color.


How to Choose The Best Pink Taser?

  • When selecting a pink taser for ladies, Not just the color is what you must focus on, But there are a few other factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

These are the main factors that should be considered when you decide to buy any taser:

  1. Amperage.
  2. Range.
  3. Safety Add-Ons.Best Pink Taser

Is This Pink Taser Effective?

  • Milliamps or the amperage is the ONLY accurate way to measure how effective a stun gun is, beside the voltage and the flashlight combined together, so that you own a powerful stun gun that is capable of stopping any attacker.


  • The amperage of the stun gun has the capability to incapacitate the attacker & it is highly recommended to buy the taser or the stun gun which is above 2 Milliamps, Please read the BEST TASER for a woman to carry. 

Pink Taser Range?

  • The stun gun is a close-contact weapon as you will have to make the probes touch the attacker’s skin while you press on the trigger.
  • On the other hand, the Taser has cartridges that can be shot from a long distance up to 10 feet, then you can use it as a normal stun gun by hitting the attacker through the electrical probes.

Is It Safe To Use Or Not?

You must ensure safety while using the pink taser. It should have a wrist strap “disable pin” to stop the attacker from using the weapon against you, and the safety switch (On\Off) is critical to prevent any accidental charge.

Pink Taser




What is a Taser & How It Works?

  • It is an electrical weapon that can send electric current to the human body through the probes to deliver the needed pain to stop the attacker.
  • According to my practical knowledge, it is a non-lethal device that can not cause any permanent damage if you use it properly.
  • You can press on the trigger button, so the electrical currents will come out to the stun gun probes to touch the skin of the attacker and cause him the needed pain to incapacitate him.

Stun Guns Vs. Tasers: Difference Between Them?

  • Stun guns require physical contact with the attacker at a short distance, while tasers can be used from a long distance.
  • Taser is a brand that manufactures stun guns like other companies such as Taser & USA Xtreme Stun guns but the only difference with Taser guns is they have cartridges that can be shot from 10 ft. distance.
  • If you miss your shot or you are facing a group of attackers, you will have to use the Taser gun like a normal stun gun.
  • You pull the trigger and hit the attackers at short distance & touch the bare skin to make them feel the electricity.

You can visit Stun guns vs Tasers article to know more information about this matter.

Stun Gun VS Taser

Can a Pink Taser Cause Permanent Harm?

  • Tasers & stun guns are designed to be non-lethal weapons that can be used as a last resort for personal protection without causing any permanent injuries to the others.
  • You should check the local laws of your state before buying or carrying a stun gun to avoid any legal troubles.

How Long Do Pink Taser Batteries Last?

Whether the batteries are Li-On built in or CR2 replaceable, the lifetime can be determined based on your consumption and how to charge the stun gun to avoid dead battery

The Bottom Line:

  • Best Pink tasers are highly recommended for ladies if it has all the safety features & high amperage that is capable of delivering the needed pain to the attacker to incapacitate him.
  • Relying on stun guns must be the last solution & resort for self-defense only.




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