What Is The Highest Amperage of a Stun Gun?

what is the highest amperage of a stun gun? is a must-question that come across your mind when you decide to purchase an effective stun gun.

The highest amperage stun gun is 2 Milliamps which is very powerful and more than enough to stop an attacker and incapacitate him after stunning him for 2-3 seconds.

Simply, the amperage is the electrical currents that pass to the attacker’s skin and make him feel pain so the attacker can walk away.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are stun guns are generating up to 5 milliamps but they are not easily found in the markets or even available online as this a deadly power while the purpose of having a stun gun is only for self-protection.
  • Avoid being scammed by non-reputable companies that make false advertisements about stun guns that can generate millions of volts and they are useless !
  • When you decide to buy a stun gun, you must focus on the amperage not the voltage.
What Is The Highest Amperage of a Stun Gun?

After purchasing several brands & types of stun guns, trust me all you need is a device that can provide 1 milliamp alongside a reasonable amount of voltage, then you will have a very effective stun gun that can keep you always protected. 

So, my advice here is you should not let the companies scam you with false claims that you will have a 10 million volts stun gun with 10 amps of power. Then you get nothing!

Why Is Amperage The Most Important Factor When You Buy A Stun Gun?

  • The strength point of a stun gun is typically how many electrical currents can produce in the moment when you press the button to stun the attacker.
  • The electrical current is what makes the device painful and keeps your attacker away, Regardless of the number of volts that your device has got. 
  • Always remember that our aim of having a self-defense weapon is to be protected and not to harm any person, so any stun gun between 1 Milliamp to 2 Milliamps would be a great choice to keep yourself always secured.

Amperage Vs Voltage

Like we said before, our main focus should be directed towards the amperage, not the voltage but in this little paragraph, we will know why in a very simple way:


Simply you can call it the pressure, it means the pressure of moving the electrons or electrical currents inside the stun gun.


Simply means the volume of the electrical current, So the more volume of currents, the more excellent the opportunity to cause unbearable pain to the attacker.

What To Do:

  • A Million volts stun gun is useless when it has a low volume of currents, as the pressure here will not help at all.
  • So, Purchase a device that delivers a high volume of electrical currents, then the pressure” volts” can help you in this case. 
  • That’s why the effectiveness of a stun gun is counted on delivering pain to the enemy, hence our choice must be directed to the stun guns that produce at least 1 milliamp up to 2 milliamps.

What Is The Most Effective Stun Gun That Exists In The Market?

The Shock Wave stun gun is very powerful that delivers 2 milliamps alongside 4.5 million volts, such extreme force can never be found easily, especially since it has a flashlight that temporarily blind the vision.

Really will incapacitate the attacker after just 2-3 seconds of stunning him.

Why Do We Recommend The Shockwave Stun Gun?

We have tested tens of stun guns, but the best is the shockwave for several benefits that you can never have it with any other device exists in the market:

  1. 2 milliamps with 4.5 Million volts are forming a very powerful self-defense weapon.
  2. The manufacturer “Liberty technologies” gives you a 60 days money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the product. 
  3. Very affordable device as it has a 50% discount to be 30 USD instead of 60.
  4.  It uses an ultra-powerful LED bulb that makes it the best tactical flashlight in the market.

The Bottom Line Of What Is The Highest Amperage of a Stun Gun?

  • By the end of reading this article, we need you to know that having the highest amperage in a stun gun doesn’t really matter as 1 or 1.5 milliamps are good enough to incapacitate the enemy.
  • You should not go for excessive force as that may lead to legal troubles, so please always remember that our goal is securing our life not harming people.
  • You know the difference between amps & volts and how they function to keep you protected
  • When it comes to stunning the attacker, You should not stun his skin for more than 2-3 seconds.
  • Don’t Forget to check out the TIGER USA XTREME Stun Gun Review as it is effective & affordable to everyone.