How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun? – Tested Experiment!

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How Painful Is A Stun Gun

As a short answer to How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun? I would say 50 K Volts up to Millions of volts Stun guns are spread everywhere in the online markets.

After I trialed a lot of high-voltage stun guns, I have found that most of them are not effective to incapacitate an attacker as what cause the pain is the amperage not the voltage.

Also our team here in SelfDefense ME discovered that through using these high-voltage stun guns. and since I know that everyone who is concerned about buying the best stun gun will ask this question. I decided to write the below tips to help you know what is the suitable device for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • The voltage is not an indicator of the [eafl id=”1967″ name=”Stun guns” text=”stun gun”] effectiveness but the amperage is what matters here.
  • How many volts are in a stun gun is a question can be considered after checking the device amperage in the first place.
  • Voltage is the pressure of the electrical currents but the amperage is how much electrical currents will pass through the attacker’s skin.

How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun?

How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun? And Does It Really Matter?

The voltage should not be the most important factor to be considered when you decide to buy a stun gun, But you must focus on the amperage, not the number of volts. 

That’s why I need you to consider amps that can be delivered by the device. and don’t let the companies scam you by selling 30 or 100 million volts stun guns that in reality will not save your life when you are in an urgent situation.

1 Milliamp stun gun is more than enough to stop an attacker without considering the voltage number.

Please keep reading to find out more about our criteria when buying a stun gun & why stun gun volts are a BIG myth.

Does Voltage Matter In A Stun Gun?

Since we are talking about How many volts are in a Stun Gun, here is the SHOCKING fact:

Absolutely not, Voltage refers to the work required to produce one joule of flow in one second or watt. With electricity flowing through a resistive material, the voltage determines the amount of flow or current.

In a nutshell, Voltage is the pressure of exiting the electrical current out of the device “Just pressureand what causes the pain to our attacker is how much electric currents can go through the attacker’s skin.

So, the most accurate method of assessing the stopping power of a stun gun is the amperage 

The amperage is also key in how effective a self-defense tool a stun gun will be. A stun gun with 0.5 Milliamps is not going to have the same stopping power as one of 1 Milliamp or more. 

You don’t want to go too low, because you want them to drop on impact due to the voltage – if there is no amperage behind it, it won’t penetrate the skin properly.

How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun?

Why Measuring The Strength Of A Stun Gun In Volts A Big Myth?

Like I explained before How many volts are in a Stun Gun should not be your concern or focus any more when it comes to determine the most painful stun gun:

A 30 Million or 100 Million volts stun gun does not indicate that it is a powerful device, unfortunately, some companies nowadays are misleading their customers by selling them A Billion stun gun devices, that number could attract a non-experienced buyer to think this is definitely the most powerful device in the world.

I don’t want to drag you into an electricity class, but will make it so simple and clear!

I need you to imagine the Water Tap as a Stun gun, Please bear with me till the end!

After you open the water tap, the water that comes out might be much or less depending on the pressure of the water and this is the voltage 🙂 

Stun gun voltage

How much impact will the voltage make?

Voltage = Pressure

Simply voltage is the pressure of the electric current but what if the water is not that much, the pressure here is useless as long as there is no water.

Very high pressure with no water = No water at the end !! and this is the same with the Stun guns 

Very high Voltage with low electric current = No pain “Weak device”

That is why we focus on the amperage that you must have a high amperage device, Regardless of the voltage “pressure” 

The Bottom Line

After knowing How Many Volts Are In A Stun Gun, here are a few tip to follow while trying to buy an effective stun gun:

  1. Avoid being scammed and buy a stun gun device that has a billion volts.
  2. Focus on buying highly amperage devices.
  3. 1 Milliamp is more than enough to stop an attacker, some devices have a measurement in MicroColombus which is okay “1 µC is good enough”.
  4. I highly recommend buying the shockwave stun gun as it provides 2 Milliamps” – 4.5 millions volts with a very bright flashlight”, & do not purchase a weak device that can’t deliver any pain to the attacker.
  5. Also, The manufacturer gives you 90 days as a money-back guarantee to get every penny you spent refunded in case you did not like the product, So no risk to trying it if you consider buying an effective stun gun that can really stop an attacker.



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