Where To Aim A Stun Gun To Get The Best Outcome?

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Where to aim a stun gun is an essential skill that any stun gun holder must learn to be aware of what makes an impact and what doesn’t!


You need to aim your stun gun toward the naked skin of the body, especially the areas that have nerve endings. So that you will be fully empowered to incapacitate the attacker perfectly.


According to the stun gun laws & guidelines for 2023, There are areas in the human body you can aim at like front & lower torso and there are other areas you DON’T aim at like the eyes as this can cause a permanent injury.

Purchasing the best stun gun is important but more important is learning which area in the human body you must aim for the stun gun So that you can get out of any bad situation you might be exposed to.

where to aim a stun gun

Key Takeaways:

  • You will need to aim for the areas which have nerve endings to cause pain to the attacker.
  • You need to practice using the stun gun & Learn how to aim till it becomes familiar to your hand and easy to use.
  • A Stun Gun can not penetrate heavy clothes like coats and jackets.
  • Surprise is your ally in using a stun gun. Catching an assailant off guard increases the element of surprise. Swiftly deploy your stun gun, targeting the appropriate areas, to create a momentary advantage and escape.
  • Stunning the attacker for 2 seconds with a high amperage stun gun will be good enough to make the attacker stay away from you.

Topics we will cover in this article:

where to aim a stun gun

Which Areas In The Human Body You Should Aim at?

  • where to aim a stun gun? The simple answer is You should target the areas that have nerve endings like the neck, chin, face, or naked chest in order to cause pain to the attacker, and then you would have a chance to run away.
  • Do NOT aim for legs or arms as those areas will not feel as much impact as you think, I know you watched movies and you have seen that one can be knocked out once his skin has been stunned but this is not true.
  • The absolute truth is you will need to stun the attacker for at least 2 seconds in a sensitive area to make him feel pain and then he will think twice before getting any closer.
  • This is should be the objective of holding a stun gun you should always remain secure.

Targeting The Torso:

The torso is an ideal target when using a stun gun. Aim for the chest, abdomen, or sides, as these areas offer a larger surface for contact. Striking the torso increases the chances of interrupting the assailant’s nervous system, leading to a more effective outcome.

Focusing on the Sensitive Areas:

Targeting sensitive areas enhances the stun gun’s impact. Aim for nerve clusters like the neck, underarms, or groin. These areas are more susceptible to electric shocks, intensifying the stun gun’s effect and providing a quick response.

Avoiding Bone Areas:

Steer clear of bone areas to maximize effectiveness. Bones are poor conductors of electricity, so avoid aiming at limbs or joints. Opt for areas with more muscle mass, allowing the electric charge to travel through the body more efficiently.

How Can You Practice Aiming The Stun Gun? 

Always practice figuring out where the safety button is and, how to remove it then shoot quickly without looking at it, in other words, I need you to make your hand get familiarized with the stun gun.

If the attacker is not wearing heavy clothes, then your job should be easy to stun the attacker in the chest, the stomach, or the thighs.

But what if the attacker is wearing heavy clothes?

Here is the crucial part, you must aim the stun gun at the sensitive body areas like the chin, the neck, the face, or the groin area which is between the end of the abdomen and the start of the legs. 

What else should you consider while aiming the stun gun?

  • After buying a stun gun, you should start practicing using it as one of the common mistakes is believing that “once I own a stun gun, I will be secured” this would be wrong if you did not learn how to use it correctly.
  • The most important advice that you should consider is always being ready in the street as the attacker will not take permission from you before threatening your life.
  • That takes us to the second point, which is keeping your stun gun in a place where it can be grabbed very easily & quickly and then shoot as you have already known where to aim a stun gun

For Example: Keep the stun gun in your right-front pocket if you are a right-handed person.

  • Then it would help if you practiced getting the stun gun out of your pocket then removing the safety button and shooting within 2 seconds. Don’t worry as practice makes perfect and you will be that quick one time 🙂 

Can A Stun Gun Penetrate the Clothes?

That is a crucial point when you need to decide where to aim a stun gun

  • The short answer is NO, if the attacker is wearing a heavy jacket for example, then it would be impossible for your stun gun to send any electrical current to the attacker’s skin.
  • If the attacker is wearing light clothes, then the chances are higher of making him feel pain and you will have a good chance to run away.
  • The best case scenario to be secure is touching the skin of the attacker and that can be done by stunning any part of the face in case of the heavy clothes scenario.
aim a stun gun

How Long You Should Stun The Attacker?

  • Remember that our goal is protecting ourselves & our families not hurting others that is why the accepted duration of stunning the attacker must not exceed 3-4 seconds.
  • Keep in mind that you should buy an effective stun gun that has an acceptable amperage of 2 milliamps for example so that you can make your life easier as all you need is just 2 seconds of stunning the attacker and then he will be in great pain.
  • Stunning any person for more than 3-4 seconds may cause permanent damage which is not recommended as the main purpose of using this device is ONLY self-defense.

The Bottom Line Of Where To Aim A Stun Gun?

  1. The stun gun is a very effective weapon in self-defense, but to make it more effective you need to know where to aim a stun gun in case of heavy clothes or naked skin to decide how would you react in every case.
  1. Never believe that owning a stun gun is enough but you need to practice using it till your hand becomes capable of knowing where the safety button and the trigger button are without looking where to find them.
  1. There is no electrical current of a stun gun that can penetrate heavy clothes, then you must aim at the body areas that have nerve endings or this weapon will be useless.



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