What Are The Disadvantages Of Stun Gun?

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disadvantages of stun gun

The disadvantages of Stun gun are going to be discussed in this blog post, however I am going to explain how to overcome these drawbacks into details.

As an overall rating of using stun guns for self-defense, I can confirm it is the best tool that can help you survive any dangerous situation.

Please keep reading to avoid the common mistakes of the others while using the stun guns.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a contact-weapon, so you will have to be closed from the attacker to hit him with the stun gun.
  • If you bought a non-effective stun gun with low amperage, you will be defenseless against the attacker.
  • Not recharging the device in the proper way will kill the batteries.
  • Misusing this electrical device can cause a permanent damage to the others which is legally wrong.

disadvantages of stun gun

What Are The Disadvantages Of Stun Gun?

  • Here are the main drawbacks of using stun guns, so you can learn how to use your electrical device correctly.

Close Range:

  • One of the main disadvantages of stun gun is the close range, as it requires to be close from the attacker and the only way to overcome this issue, is by owning a high-amperage device to deliver unbearable pain to the attacker, so he would think twice before getting any closer once again.
  • Or you can buy a taser gun and then you can shoot the attacker from a long distance.

Limited Effectiveness:

  • The 2nd challenge is when you face an attacker who is wearing heavy clothes like coats or jackets, because the electrical current would not be able to penetrate these sort of clothes.
  • In this situation, you will need to make the stun gun probes touch the naked parts of the attacker like the face or the chin.

Low-amperage devices:

  • Never buy a device that has 100 million volts while it has an output below than 1.01 milliamps per second.
  • Please FOCUS on the amperage in the first place as this is what can cause the pain to the attacker not the voltage, so you can survive easily. (Check The Best Mini Stun guns Article)
  • I recommend you check out the SHOCKWAVE Stun gun as it is cheap & delivers 2 milliamps per second, beside it has an ultra-bright flashlight that can temporarily blind the attacker.

Misuse Cases:

  • Never stun gun the attacker for more than 2-3 seconds as this may cause total disorientation that can lead to head injuries, So please use this tool fairly for the self-defense only.

Dead Batteries:

  • You must stick to the buyer guide or the instruction paper that comes with the stun gun in the box, as in most cases you will have to charge the stun gun for 8 hours for the first time, then 1-2 hours every 6-8 weeks based on the usage.

How Can A Stun Gun Protect You?

You will need to learn how to use the stun gun correctly:

  • Buying the stun gun only will not help you, as you will need to practice till you become familiarized of how to check the safety switch, trigger, and the flashlight button without looking at them.
  • You must know where to aim the stun gun toward the naked body areas that have nerve endings like the chin and the neck. 
  • It is preferable to have safety features like the wrist strap to disable the stun gun if it has been grabbed from you by the attacker “So that he can not use this device against you“.
  • The stun gun rings can not be grabbed by the attackers easily as they are attached to your finger, nevertheless you can punch the attacker with it to deliver power & electricity at the same time.
  • Also the activating the alarm in the stun gun would be a great idea if it exists in your device, to confuse the attacker and call for help.

How Do You Pick The Best Stun Gun?

Based on the experience of using stun guns, I highly recommend to follow the below points:

  • Never be overwhelmed by the number of volts, as most brands are trying to market their products by these claims ( Buy 100 million volts stun gun ), while the truth is you should focus on the amperage, in another words ( how many milliamps can your stun gun provide per seconds ).
  • Any stun gun has an output above 1.01 milliamps is very effective.
  • Add-ons of flashlight, wrist strap & Money-back guarantee will be a plus.
  • Make sure to pick a stun gun that can be kept in your pocket like the cell phone stun gun and avoid the big ones like batons.
  • Always choose a reputable brand that is specialized in selling very powerful stun gun.


The Bottom Line:

  • YES, There are some disadvantages of stun Gun, but yet it is the best non-lethal self-defense weapon that can help you survive any bad situation.
  • You just need to avoid the dead batteries like we explained before and make sure you have a high-amperage stun gun that can deliver the needed pain to the attacker.



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