Cell Phone Stun Gun | In-Depth Review

I decided to make this Cell Phone Stun Gun Review inside this article, So I will try to give you a in-depth details about the product.

After I purchased the cell phone stun gun, I discovered a very important benefit which is surprising the attacker that i have a real-weapon, not just a normal cell phone.

Always, this gives me the edge to surprise my enemy and overcome any dangerous situation easily without letting the attacker to know that I own a self-defense weapon.

cell phone stun gun

Key Takeaways:

  • Deadly power of 1.05 Micro-coulombs, 2.92 mAh “amperage” with 14M volts, so that you can stop the attacker easily.
  • Affordable as it costs only 21 USD.
  • It is portable and you can keep it in your pocket to be ready for any emergency.

What Is A Cell Phone Stun Gun?

  • It is a Stun gun device but in the form of a normal cell phone.
  • It delivers 14M Volts & 1.05 micro-coulombs which is a great stopping power makes you able to overcome any attacker you may face.

How It Works?

  • You will have to press on the activation button in the right-sided part then the electrical currents will go out.
  • It works efficiently as a non-lethal self defense weapon, as the attacker will never imagine that this is a stun gun not a normal cell phone device.
  • It has on/off safety switch button to avoid any accidental discharge.

How Can You Recharge It?

  • The cell phone stun gun is powered by 2 built-in batteries.
  • It has a charging indicator, so you can know when it is fully charged to avoid the dead batteries problem.
  • It has a USB charging cord, so you can easily recharge it whenever the batteries got empty.
  • You will need to charge the device for 8 hours when you receive it for the 1st time, then 1-2 hours every 2 weeks should be sufficient if you are not using the device frequently.

Do You Really Need A Cell Phone Stun Gun?

  • By using this device, you will have the edge of surprising your enemy with a cell phone which is a stun gun in reality.
  • It is very effective and easy to use for dealing with any potential danger.


  1. Very light as it weights only 0.43 IBS.
  2. Small size of 5.5” tall x 0.375” thick which is suitable to keep it in the pocket.
  3. Has a LED Flashlight to brighten the dark areas or to temporarily blind the attacker.
  4. It has an alarm feature can be heard from a long distance.
  5. Very easy to use as it has separate buttons for stun activation, LED light, and alarm


  1. It has a great stopping power of 1.05 Micro-coulombs, 2.92 mAh “amperage” with 14M volts, so stunning the attacker for only 2 seconds with this device should be more than enough to make him feel unbearable pain.
  2. It costs only 21 USD which is not expensive at all for owning a self-protection gear.
  3.  Lifetime Warranty & a 90 days as a money-back guarantee.
  4. Very positive customer reviews who already purchased and tested the product.

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  1. Just like any stun gun, you will have to be in a close distance from the attacker to be able to stun him in any human body area.
  2. It can’t penetrate the heavy clothes.

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The Bottom Line In Our Cell Phone Stun Gun Review:

After testing and using this cell phone stun gun, I highly recommend it because of 3 main reasons :

  • There are a lot of positive customer reviews who already bought the product and tested it.
  • The price of the Cell Phone Stun Gun is very cheap, therefore you will get a decent value with a good price.
  • The idea is AMAZING which is having a normal cell phone but hides a great stopping power of 14M volts & 1.05 Micro-Coulombs, then surprising your attacker will always give you an edge to beat him easily.

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cell phone stun gun review