Will A Stun Gun Stop An Attacker?

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Will A Stun Gun Stop An Attacker? – a question must come across our minds when we consider buying a stun gun to be protected & secure.

The short answer is YES!, Of course, the Stun gun will stop any attacker but based on some conditions, so please keep reading this post to know all the details.

An effective stun gun with high amperage is capable of keeping you secured but you need to learn how to use it in the right way to protect yourself and consider not harming others or causing them any permanent damage.

will a stun gun stop an attacker

Key Takeaways:

  • A Stun gun with high amperage will definitely stop an attacker and protect you if you know how to use it correctly.
  • You will need to stun the attacker for 2-3 seconds to stop him, but only touching the attacker will not cause him any pain.
  • You must learn where to stun the attacker to stay protected and follow the safety guidelines.

The Topics We Will Cover In This Article:

Which Stun Gun Can Be Effective To Stop The Attacker?

  • When you decide to buy a stun gun as a self-defense weapon, It must have at least 1.5 up to 2 amps to provide so many electrical currents that will cause pain to the attacker, and then you will be having a good chance to walk away.
  • Please don’t let the companies scam you by the number of volts, as you must focus on the amperage.
  • Our top pick is the shock wave Stun gun as it delivers an extreme power of 2 amps which is good enough to stop an attacker because of the great pain he would feel.
  • The manufacturer gives you 90 days as a money-back guarantee to get every penny you spent refunded in case you did not like the product, So no risk to trying it if you consider buying an effective stun gun that can really stop an attacker.

How Will a Stun Gun Stop An Attacker?

Always put your stun gun in a place where it can be grabbed easily and quickly, I mean you must be ready anytime.

Touching the attacker for one single second will not be enough to stop the attacker but you must stun him for 2 or 3 seconds at least to keep him away from you.

Where To Aim Your Stun Gun To Stop The Attacker?

We need you to aim for the nerve-ending areas in the human body like the neck, chin, and nose, or the face in general.

If the above can be difficult, you can aim for the upper hip, the shoulders, or the chest but keep in mind if the attacker is wearing heavy clothes, the electrical currents will not be able to penetrate these clothes and touch the skin.

This could be one of the disadvantages of using a stun gun when you be in a situation to face an attacker that is wearing a coat.

In this situation, you must aim for the neck or face to keep your chances of finding a way out to survive.

How Can You Stay Safe During A Fight With An Attacker?

  • Choose a small stun gun that can be easily kept in pocket. ( Check Out the Best Mini Stun Guns
  • Practice too much to grab the stun gun in 2 seconds to be ready for any situation that might happen.
  • Make sure the device is fully recharged and ready to use.
  • Learn how to remove the safety button quickly once the device is in hand, remember practice makes perfect.
  • Stun Gun Alarm activation is an effective solution to confuse the attacker and let everyone in the area feel that you need help.
  • Use the disable pin wrist as it will not work if the attacker took it from you.

The Bottom Line Of Will A Stun Gun Stop An Attacker?

  • An effective stun gun with high amperage above 1.5 amps will be able to protect you against any attacker because of the pain he would feel in such a case.
  • Even Dogs, the stun guns are able to stop any aggressive dog by just firing the electrical charges 
  • After purchasing a powerful stun gun, you need to think of practice so, learn how to use it and where to aim to get the best outcome and keep yourself & your family secured. 



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