Is Stun Gun Safe To Use For Self-Defense

Many people queried to know is stun gun safe before buying it, Simply Stun guns are the safest non-lethal weapon to use, Keep reading to know the safety features in any stun gun.

I have been using stun guns for years and i trained dozens of friends to use it safely.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stun gun has several safety features that make this weapon is the best solution for those who look for a self-defense tool.
  • Always focus on buying a stun gun that has wrist strap to prevent the attacker to use it against you.
  • Safety switch On/Off is important to avoid any accidental discharge.
  • Flashlight & alarm are very important beside the electrical arc to overcome any dangerous situation.

Is Stun Gun Safe To Use?

YES, Stun gun is safe to use. it is has a lot of safety features that will keep you secure like wrist strap & the safety switch On/Off in addition to the built-in alarm.

  • Stun gun is the best option you must stick to when you consider the personal safety.
  • I believe that personal safety should be a top priority for everyone and this can be provided easily by purchasing a stun gun that can be kept in pocket or hidden like Lipstick Stun Gun.
  • Stun guns are legal to use in the majority of the US states as it is non-lethal. Unlike a knife or a gun, so it will not cause permanent harm to an attacker and the same time will keep you secure.

What Are The Safety Features In Stun Gun?

The stun gun is safe to use because of the safety features such as:

  • Wrist Strap: As without the disable pin of the stun gun, it will not work so it become useless in the hands of the attacker.
  • Safety switch: To avoid harming yourself while holding the stun gun, so make it in the off mode as long as you are not in a situation that require using the stun gun
  • Built-in flashlight: it is very important to illuminate the dark areas or temporarily blind the attacker.
  • Built-in alarm: Some stun guns have this option, as it is making noise very loudly calling for help which confuse the attacker and make him leave you at the end.

  • Beside all the above features, Don’t forget the most important factor which is buying a high-amperage stun gun Like the SHOCKWAVE stun gun as this kind of stun guns can deliver unbearable pain to the attacker, So you can survive easily.

The Bottom Line:

  • Now our article came to an end to decide is stun gun safe to use or not, To summarize these earlier points.
  • A BIG YES, Stun guns are the safest option to stick to when it comes to personal security.
  • The safety features in the stun gun will make this electrical weapon very effective to defend yourself and useless in the hands of the attacker if it has been grabbed from you.
  • With an electric gun that provide a high-amperage, There is no danger in your life.