What Are The Stun Gun Effects On Human Body – Shocking Facts

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[eafl id=”1967″ name=”Stun guns” text=”The Stun gun”] Effects on human body can be severe or nothing depending on which area has been hit by the stun gun, the device amperage, and also for how long the skin was receiving electrical waves. 

So, Please keep reading to know the difference between sensitive areas & nerve endings like the eyes, chin, nose & neck. 

And areas will not be impacted as much as you think, like legs and arms, while the areas covered with heavy clothes will have zero effect.

Make sure you read until the end to determine what to avoid and what to follow while using a stun gun

stun gun effects on human body

Key Takeaways:

  • Stun Gun Effects can be very dangerous if you targeted very sensitive areas like the eyes.
  • You would rather go for the neck than arms as the neck, chin or the face have nerve endings, so that the attacker will think twice before getting any closer to you again.
  • This weapon is designed for the purpose of self-defense only and should not cause any permanent damage if you used it fairly.
  • While buying a stun gun, you will need to focus on the amperage not the voltage to see an impact happen when you use it.

Stun Gun Effects On Human Body (Arms Vs Neck) – Find Out The Different Impact?

The stun gun effects can be deadly if you aim at the nerve endings in the human body like the neck or eyes, and at the same time, the stun gun can not have any effect when you target a skin but are covered with heavy clothes.

Let me clarify this more. Imagine the stun gun as a wooden stick and if you decided to hit the attacker with that stick. The effect of hitting him in his leg will not be as great as the head.

The only difference here is the stun gun is an electrical device and sending shocking waves to sensitive areas like the neck, nose, chin, & eyes will have a greater effect than stunning the attacker in his arm or leg.

What Kind Of Damage Can A Stun Gun Cause?

The stun gun works effectively through sending electrical currents to the human body, here it can cause a permanent damage or just a temporary pain and this depends on 3 questions: 

1- What Is The Amperage Of The Stun Gun?

If you don’t have a powerful device that has a high amperage, it won’t have any effect on the human body.

Regardless of the voltage, the amperage is literally the real power of the stun gun.

2- Which Area In The Human Body Did You Aim For?

Like i told you before, when you target sensitive areas like eyes for example, that can lead to permanent damage to the eyes. 

Another example, sending electrical waves to anywhere near the brain can cause a huge problems

3- How Long Have You Been Holding The Stun Gun And Stunning The Attacker?

The Longer you press on the device trigger, the greater the pain he will feel, but not recommended you stun the attacker for more than 3 seconds.

More than 3 Sec. can lead to a severe injury, because the muscles will not be able to resist these quantities of electrical currents for that long time.

Is This A Myth That A Stun Gun Can Cause Death?

Since our topic is about finding the stun gun effects on human body, I need you to know the facts beyond the relation between Stun Guns & Death:

The stun gun is designed as a self-defense weapon, it can be used just to defend yourself but YES !It can cause death if you use it in the wrong way.

I highly advise you to use it fairly for the purpose of security & self-defense Only, that’s why we keep saying that you should not exceed 2-3 seconds of stunning the attacker and that should be enough to have a chance to run away without being chased.

How To Use A Stun Gun Without Causing A Serious Damage?

Always remember, our main objective is just “self-defense”, so please use this device only to protect yourself and your family without harming others.

  1. Don’t hold a stun gun that has very high amperage (above 2 amps).
  2. Don’t press the trigger and stun the attacker for more than 3 seconds.
  3. Don’t aim for sensitive areas like eyes and aim for chin or neck in case of heavy clothes but not more than 2 seconds.

The Bottom Line Regarding The Stun Gun Effects On Human Body.

By reaching the end of this article, you are now aware of the stun gun effects on human body:

  • All the human body parts are not the same when it comes to the stun gun effect.
  • The amperage of the stun gun can cause a severe effect on the human body.
  • Huge effects or simple effects can be determined by how long the human body was receiving electrical currents.

If you came across this article to guarantee your safety that a stun gun can protect you, the answer is yes, really it does this job effectively.

But use it fairly for the purpose of protection only and don’t forget this device is designed to make you secure and nothing else. 




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