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Welcome to SelfDefense me . We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in the self defense , with a focus on teaching you how defend yourself, your family and friends.

When we started in 2022, our passion for keeping all people secured type drove us to an action of building this site as a reference for any person wants to know how to defend him/herself.


I am Dibo, the founder of Selfdefenseme.com, my goal is real simple which is keeping everyone protected & able to defend him/her self when needed.

So, I have decided to make this website to review the most effective self defense weapons and also share my experience in using them through the published tips & guides.

Meet The Rest Of The Team:

Olivia Walker

Olivia has been a blogger for over 6 years, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from oxford university.
she chose the security field as an area of interest because she always like to plan ahead instead of waiting until something scary happens. so she bought & used several self-defense weapons that could help her survive in many incidents & decided to express her opinions & thoughts through this website.

jordana williams

Jordana started her career as journalist, she believes that maintaining the personal safety is a top-priority for anyone.
As a journalist, she witnessed many cases related to violence against women that led her take precautions & look for all self defense gear that exist in the market, so she gained a lot of experience that can help her define what works best

We hope you enjoy our reviews & information guides. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

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