Best Lipstick Stun Gun | Hidden Weapon

The Best Lipstick Stun Gun can be bought from Safety Tech Company, It has 25 Millions volts with 4.2 Milliamps which is a great stopping power.

I have spent more than 4 hours of testing lipstick stun guns to come with a conclusion of what can be the best effective lipstick that can incapacitate any attacker easily.

Surprising the attacker is a great advantage, as this weapon looks like a real tube of lipstick but in reality it is a very effective non-lethal stun gun that’s capable of stopping the attacker no matter how big he is 🙂

best Lipstick Stun Gun

Key Takeaways:

  • The best lipstick stun gun as it has an effective stopping power of 25 million volt (4.2 milliamps) stun gun.
  • Has an ultra-bright flashlight that illuminates the darkness.
  • You will need to touch the attacker for 2 seconds as this will cause a muscle spasms then you can survive in any dangerous situation.
  • 16.75$ USD is a reasonable price versus the previous mentioned value.

best lipstick stun gun

How To Use A Lipstick Stun Gun?

  • In case you needed to fire the stun gun, you will have to press on the red button then you would hear an intimidating noise that can scare the enemy.
  • Stunning gun the attacker for 2 seconds is good enough to keep him away from you and will think twice before getting any closer.
  • You can simply press on the green button in case you wanted to switch on the flashlight as it has got a built-in flashlight that can brighten any dark area or even temporarily blind the attacker.
  • If you purchased the lipstick stun gun, you will need to charge it for 8 hours in the 1st time, then every 3 months, you will have to recharge it in case you are not using the stun gun frequently.
  • It is recommended to make your hands familiarized to check button places without looking at them like the TV Remote Control.
  • This is important as during any dangerous situation, the survival success rate is highly counted on how quick the stun gun holder is.

Can A Lipstick Stun Gun Penetrate Clothes?

  • It depends if the attacker is wearing heavy clothes like coats or jackets, then it is impossible for the electrical currents to penetrate those clothes.
  • It is highly recommended to touch the naked skin. but in particular you will need to aim for the human body parts that have nerve-endings like the neck or the face.

The Best Lipstick Stun Gun For Women To Stop An Assailant:

  • Safety Company recommends this Lipstick stun gun for women as it is small in size and very easy to hold it.
  • Also it is very easy to keep in your pocket to be always ready for any situation.
  • However it is small in size but it is very powerful to stop any attacker because it delivers 4.2 milliamps and this cause unbearable pain.

Drawbacks Of Having A Lipstick Stun Gun?

You must be aware of the common disadvantages of stun guns:

  1. Any stun gun must touch the attacker to cause him pain because of the electrical currents and that may be risky sometimes for women to be in a close distance from the attacker, That’s why taser guns are the best option for women.
  2. It can be grabbed by the attacker if you did hold it in the right way, and the stun gun rings are the best in this scenario.
  3. Some people forget to recharge the stun gun and they face the attacker with an empty batteries which make the situation more difficult and serious.
  4. Stun guns are legal in some US States which can be frustrating for some persons.

The Bottom Line:

we highly recommend it as this is the best lipstick stun gun, especially for women due to the following reasons:

  1. The Price Vs. Value equation is achieved successfully here as getting a high amperage stun gun (4.2 Milliamps) for Only 16.75$ USD is a very good deal.
  2. The customers who bought the lipstick stun gun and tested are very happy as they left positive reviews about the product.
  3. This stun gun is very surprising to the attacker as it is not a real lipstick, and this gives you an edge to survive any dangerous situation.
  4. Also it can protect you from any aggressive dog, as there some women panic when seeing dogs coming to them.