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Best flashlight stun gun

The Best Flashlight Stun Gun should be the Shockwave Flashlight Stun Gun as it has an ultra-powerful LED bulb that ensure providing you with lifetime use.

It is very affordable and effective to incapacitate an attacker by causing him a temporary blindness. 

I tested several flashlight stun guns, that’s why I want to share with you what can be the best option for you according to your budget & security needs as well.

  1. Taser Strikelight 2 is the Best overall but it is expensive “170 USD”
  2. ZAP Light rechargeable Flashlight Stun Gun is the Best value “75 USD”
  3. ZAP™ Mini Flashlight Stun Gun is the Best Size “53 USD”
best flashlight stun gun


Inside the below table, I will try to clarify the pricing of each unit and the stopping power of each flashlight stun gun to help you pick the best flashlight stun gun that match your needs.


The Best 3 Flashlight Stun Guns in the Market:


1-Taser Strikelight 2 Stun Gun:

Best Flashlight stun gun


  • Very strong batteries provides 5 hours of light.
  • 3 light modes; 700-lumen high, 150-lumen low, or red light for increased vision at night.
  • Extremely powerful stun gun.
  • SAFE ESCAPE REPLACEMENT: If lost in an altercation for self-defense, TASER® will replace it free of charge. (police report required).


  • Expensive product as it cost 170 USD.

2-ZAP Light rechargeable Flashlight Stun Gun:



  • It has 120 lumens with 6 LEDs for super bright illumination.
  • Six sharp spikes that provide the needed pain to the attacker, so you can survive easily.
  • High quality aluminum housing
  • 4 hours of continuous flashlight use


  • No Light modes.

3-ZAP™ Mini Flashlight Stun Gun:



  • Bright LED flashlight provides up to 3 hours of light.
  • It has an output of 1.7 Milliamps which is a great power.
  • Small and very lightweight which can be the best option for women.


  • There is no Light modes, as it is just on/off flashlight.



Why The Flashlight Stun Gun Is Important?

  • It combines the function of a flashlight with a stun gun has the ability to send electrical currents to the attacker’s body to help you in defending yourself in any serious situation.
  • The strong and ultra-bright LEDs can help you brighten the dark areas or blind the attacker temporarily in some self-defense cases.

How Did We Choose The Best Flashlight Stun Gun?

we could choose the best flashlight stun gun based on the below points:


  • We can not rank an expensive device number one as we consider the pricing versus value, however it is very hard to find a high-quality product with a reasonable price.

Power & Amperage:

  • You will not face the attacker with only a flashlight, but with an electrical gun which must be painful enough to incapacitate the attacker.
  • Some companies are trying to over-market their products by claiming “Our product is producing millions of volts”, that’s why we consider the amperage in the first place.
  • Amps or the amperage is how much electrons can be provided in every second while stunning the attacker and this what cause the pain to him, so that you can survive at the end.

Lumens & LEDs:

  • The flashlight must be having a high number of lumens to deliver the needed objective of carrying it.
  • Batteries are an important factor while we select what can be the best pick here.


The size of the flashlight stun gun is very crucial as it determines your success in survival or your failure.


  • Usually any small stun gun can be more convenient to carry, so you will have to check the length in inches to decide what can work for you.
  • Keeping the flashlight in pocket is something cool, that’s why we advise having the stun baton in home while carrying the normal stun gun in the street.


  • You will need to maneuver and aim with that electrical gun, so pick the one that is suitable to your hand.
  • Also, you have to practice so much till your hands get familiarized with carrying the stun guns and your fingers can find the trigger button, safety button, and the flashlight button without looking at it like the TV-Remote controller. 

flashlight stun gun


The Bottom Line:

Like we explained earlier that the best flashlight stun gun is the shockwave device, due to the below reasons:





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