Do Stun Gun Leave Marks | The Ultimate Truth

Do Stun Gun Leave Marks? YES, All the Stun guns leave marks as superficial wounds by the metal probes, Any stun guns is designed to be a non lethal weapon that can be used for the self protection.

According to my practical experience while using so many stun guns, I noticed that it must leave scars on the skins.

Then, i decided to write down this piece of content to help you use the stun gun without causing any serious injuries to the other persons.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because the stun guns are electrical weapons, so they leave marks through the metal probes.
  • These marks are superficial wounds and can be easily treated.
  • Stun guns are created to help the people defend themselves not to harm the others. 
  • However, there are stun gun injuries can be happened in the eye, nerve damage or even it can lead to cardiac arrest in some rare cases.

Do Stun Gun Leave Marks?

YES, Any stun gun leave marks on the skin as a result of the electrical discharge but they are superficial wounds and can be easily recoverable by time.

  • The probes of the stun gun used to leave marks on the skin after shocking the skin by the electrical currents, However the marks are small wounds that can be healed after a short time.
  • The stun gun is not created to cause any permanent damage to the others, BUT it’s been made for the self-defense only.
  • Remember to use this electrical device fairly by not stunning the attacker for more than 3 seconds.

do stun gun leave marks

Stun Gun Injuries:

The severity of injuries that are caused by a stun gun can vary depending on factors such as the attacker’s overall health, the amperage of the electrical device, and the duration of the electrical discharge as stunning the attacker for more than 3 seconds can cause an intense pain.

  1. Small burns as a result of the electricity.
  2. Muscular contractions after being stunned and that can lead to disorientation & dizziness.
  3. There is a minor probability of having a cardiac arrest in case of stunning the chest part.
  4. Nerve damage.
  5. Eye injuries from the bright electrical arc.
  6. Head injuries after falling because of the loss of consciousness.
  7. In a very rare cases, stun gun can cause death.

While I was saying all the previous cases, Stun guns are proven to non-lethal weapons that are widely used for self-defense.

There are a lot of success stories for women & men who survived because they were having a high-amperage stun gun.

Stun Gun Effects On Human Body:

  • The electrical current that pass through the human body cause muscle spasms and if you kept stunning the attacker for more than 3 seconds, that would cause disorientation & loss of balance.
  • Bruising or contusions as a result of the stun gun’s electricity.

How Long Do Stun Gun Effects Last?

  • Most reputable brands that are manufacturing stun guns claim 5-30 seconds should be the effect of a stun gun where the attacker can be immobilized as a result of the electricity.
  • The effect of the stun gun can be severe if it has a high-amperage like the shockwave device.
  • Also the effect can be great or nothing depending of the attacker’s clothes, are they heavy like jackets or coats as in this situation you will have to aim for the naked areas like the neck.
  • The weight of the person will be a factor as well, 120 K.g person will not be impacted like a 60 K.g Person but anyway, you must own an effective stun gun with a high-amperage to deliver the required pain, so that you can survive any potential danger.
  • You can also have a quick look over the best mini stun gun if you are interested in keeping an in-pocket self-defense tool.

The Bottom Line:

After you have been through this article, Now you know the answer of the question do stun gun leave marks or not:

  • Stun Guns can leave marks but they are small wounds & can be recovered easily unless you stunned the attacker with non-high amperage device for less than 2 seconds.
  • Hitting the attacker with a high amperage stun gun for 3-4 seconds continuously will lead to severe injuries, that’s why I highly recommend to use this self-defense tool fairly, just for the sake of self protection.
  • So, Do stun gun leave marks or not should be your secondary concern as avoiding the legal problems by not causing any serious injuries, PLUS surviving any dangerous situation must be your main focus when it comes to own a taser or a stun gun.