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How long can you stun gun someone is very important to any stun gun owner, The short answer is 2-3 seconds is because more than 4 seconds of electricity can cause severe problems to the person like nerve damage.

Based on our observations while testing and using several stun guns from different brands, we need you to consider that you need to protect yourself ONLY while trying not to cause any permanent damage to the others.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should not be exceeding 2-3 seconds while stunning the attacker as this way you will cause him a serious injuries.
  • The Stun gun effects can vary based on time as more than 4 seconds can lead the attacker to be falling down and Falls can cause broken bones or head injuries.
  • Owning an effective stun gun will make your job very simple in defending yourself as the high-amperage will cause the needed pain, so you can survive easily.

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How Long Can You Stun Gun Someone?

The duration of stunning the attacker is very important to keep you secure and not making serious injuries to the others.

  • 2 Seconds is the maximum time if you are using a stun device has an output above 1.01 milliamps.
  • 4 seconds should be okay if you are using a med-low amperage stun device that’s below 0.7 milliamp

How long does stun gun effect last?

  • Incapacitation duration after being hit with a stun gun can be from 5 up to 15 seconds (Source).
  • Based on the wellness of the person, the power of the stun gun, and the duration of receiving electricity can make the attacker feel Neuromuscular Incapacitation for more than 40 seconds (Source).

Based on my experience, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with all these data, Just make sure you own a strong Stun Gun and will have plenty of time to survive any dangerous situation.

How Would The Attacker Feel After Getting Hit With A Stun Gun?

Depending on the overall health, the weight, clothes of the attacker and also the amperage of the stun gun, not just how long can you stun gun someone:

  • For example, A high-amperage stun gun that has an output of 1.5 milliamps can quite painful to any person and it would cause a total disorientation & dizziness if the duration of stunning the attacker exceeded 4 seconds while it would cause a muscle spasms after 2 only seconds.
  • Also, you need to consider that, the stun gun electricity can penetrate heavy clothes like jackets.
  • Hitting someone with a stun gun in the chest area can cause cardiac arrest while on the face can lead to eye injuries, So Please use this self-defense weapon FAIRLY for the objective of personal protection only.

The best recommended scenario is to own an effective stun gun with high amperage and never exceed 3 seconds of stunning the attacker and you will be safe.

How Long Can you stun gun someone

The Bottom Line:

  • The perfect time of stunning any attacker is 2-3 seconds with a high-amperage device to the arms or legs
  • As we explained earlier that how long can you stun gun someone is a crucial point where you can use your stun gun and cause a permanent injury to someone, Or you can use fairly and you will survive any potential danger without harming the others.
  • Remember to use this electrical device with responsibility for the sake of personal defense only.





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