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How Painful Is A Stun Gun

How painful is a stun gun EQUAL to the number of milliamps that can be provided by this electrical device, 1.01 milliamp or above is causing an intense pain !

It is important to know how painful is a stun gun, to be able to evaluate is it effective enough to incapacitate an attacker? (Check Out The Best Mini Stun Gun)

The pain of the stun gun is represented in the output of amperage “Not the voltage” as simple as that.

For example if a stun gun has an output of 1.01 milliamps will be more painful than a stun gun has an output of 0.75 milliamps.

Key Takeaways:

  • The level of pain can vary from a stun gun to another device based on the amperage level.
  • The pain can start by causing muscle spasms up to the total disorientation & falling down.
  • Any effective Stun gun can immobilize the attacker for more than 5 seconds up to 50 seconds, so you can have a chance to run away.
  • You Must seek the high-amperage stun gun device rather than the voltage.

How painful Is A Stun Gun?

The stun gun must be painful to incapacitate the attacker, so you can survive any situation HOWEVER the level of pain is not the same for every one:

  1. The Pain level varies from person to person and depends on the electrical power of the stun gun and the place in the body where you hit the attackerThe neck will not have the same impact of the legs“.
  2. The Stun gun is painful as it causes a muscle spasms & throbbing pain after 2 seconds of touching the metal probes.
  3. If it exceeded 3 seconds, the electrical shock is going to be intense and immobilize the attacker temporarily.
  4. Depending on the amperage of the stun gun & the overall health of the person, the impact of hitting someone with a stun gun can last for a few minutes or even hours.

What Causes Pain? Amperage Or Voltage?

After you became aware of how painful is a stun gun, Not it time to know the reason behind the pain:

  • They are two different electrical measures that determine the power of a stun gun.
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What should be the real stopping power of any stun gun?

  • Most of the companies are selling their stun guns, claiming that they have millions of volts to convince the consumer that theses are deadly electrical weapons BUT this is not the truth my friend:
  1. Amperage is the first factor you must concerned about as this is what cause the pain to the attacker.
  2. Other brands are using Micro-coulombs which are the same method to measure the real stopping power of the stun gun.


  • The amperage refers to the amount of the electricity that comes out through the stun gun probes, in a nutshell it is the electrical current itself, So the AMPs are the real stopping power of the stun gun

  • A higher amperage stun gun will deliver a longer, more intense shock than a lower amperage stun gun. regardless the volts of the device.


  • Voltage is the pressure, which means forcing the electrical currents to come out through the metal probes of the stun gun.
  • A higher voltage stun gun will be useless in case of the low-amperage, because there will be no high-electricity to be pushed out.

Do Stun Guns Pierce The Skin?

  • Sometimes the metal probes of the stun guns have a sharp point that can pierce the skin.
  • Most probably these electrical weapons can cause a superficial wounds that can be healed later by time.
  • Stun guns are designed to be a non-lethal self defense weapons to help you survive any situation without causing any permanent damage.

Can A Stun Gun Paralyze You?

  • Once you hit the attacker with a stun gun, that would cause him a muscle spams and if you kept stunning gun the attacker for more than 3 seconds, that may temporarily immobilize the attacker for 5 seconds up to 50 mins depending on the overall health of the person and the numbers of the amps according to the electricity power of the stun gun.

The Bottom Line:

As we explained before, how painful is a stun gun can be depending on:

These 3 factors are very important that determine the stun gun strength, that’s why we recommend our top pick stun gun which is the SHOCKWAVE !!

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