what is the best voltage for a stun gun?

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what is the best voltage for a stun gun? is a question that must be asked by anyone is about to purchase a stun gun.

Any Stun Gun has 50,000 volts would be good enough to incapacitate an attacker but in this article, you are going to figure out that not only the volts you should consider but most importantly is the amperage.

But seeking to know the best voltage for a stun gun, doesn’t mean you will have the most effective stun gun.

Please keep reading to know the basic features that determine what is the best stun gun, so you buy it & rely on it to be able to face any attacker later on.

Key Takeaways:

  • you can buy a 10000000 volts stun gun but it can not be sufficient for stopping an attacker, as the key factor of any stun gun is the amperage not only the voltage.
  • The device amperage is how much electrical currents can be provided by the stun gun which is the essential stopping power of this device.
  • The Device Voltage is the flow of these electrical currents and it very nice to have a device that provide millions of volts but the amperage comes first.

Why Do Companies Falsely Advertise In Selling Stun Guns?

  • Unfortunately, most companies consider the number of sales they made, counting on the lack of awareness of the average consumer.
  • When you google any search terms to know the most powerful stun gun, you would find companies that claim they have 50 million volts stun guns up to billion volts. And that is a real scam because volts have nothing to do with the weapon’s strength. 
  • When a customer sees an ad, informing him he can buy a 30 million volts stun gun, automatically he will think he has the best stun gun ever but this is not true.
What Is The Best Voltage For A Stun Gun

Stun Gun Voltage Is A Big Myth, Why?

  • Voltage is not the source of power. The strength of a stun gun is determined by how many milliamps it can deliver.
  • Let’s imagine the water tap is a stun gun, so the water speed & pressure represent the voltage but what if there is no water basically, there would be no power which is the amperage.
  • The function of a stun gun is to cause pain to the attacker, this pain can be too hard or moderate depending on the device’s ability regarding the number of amps it can provide, 

That is why amperage is the king here.

What Is The Best Voltage For A Stun Gun?

Since we agreed on the stun gun voltage has nothing to do with delivering pain to the attackers, So How can you measure the stun gun strength?

  • Any stun gun that has 2 milliamps is more than enough to stop the attacker, as 2 milliamps will cause unbearable pain.
  • You can choose good add-ons with the stun gun to make it way stronger like:
  1.  A wrist strap – disable the pin,  to make the stun gun useless if it has been taken from you by the attacker.
  2. Also, you can buy a stun gun with a flashlight to ease up the process at night.
  • It is recommended not to stun the attacker for more than 2-3 seconds as this way you can cause him a permanent injury. While our goal at the first place is personal security not harming people.

Which Stun Gun Has The Most Amps?

I believe the shockwave Stun gun is the best in the market now because:

  1. It has 2 amps with 4.5 million volts which is insanely powerful.
  2. It has been packed into a 6.5-inch light, it is bright enough to temporarily blind the attacker.
  3. If for any reason you’re not happy with our product, you have a full 90 days as a Money-back guarantee to get every penny you spent refunded.
  4. No other high-quality product exists with this cheap price compared to the other devices in the market.

The Bottom Line:

By the end of reading this article of what is the best voltage for a stun gun I think you are completely aware of the below points:

  • The strength of a stun gun is related to the amperage not only the voltage.
  • You knew the difference between volts “pressure” and Amperage “power”.
  • For Example, ZAP Blast Knuckles provides up to 4.3 milliamps of electricity to deliver an unbearable pain.
  • You are no longer giving that much interest in voltage only.
  • You are aware of what is a good stun gun and what is a bad one.
  • How to choose a powerful stun gun.



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