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Welcome to the ZAP Blast knuckles review where I walk you through all the PROs and drawbacks of this non-lethal self defense weapon

ZAP Blast knuckles has an amazing stopping power of 1.02 micro-coulombs or up to 4.3 milliamps of electrical output which can incapacitate the attacker in one punch.


zap knuckles
  • Spike brass knuckle stun gun emits 950K volts (1.02 microcoulombs) of shocking power
  • Knuckle guards with rubber-coating protect fingers and provide a secure no-slip grip
  • Dual activation with on/off switch and stun trigger activated with a squeeze of the fist
  • LED indicator signifies stun is live and on/off switch helps prevent accidental firings
  • Powered by two CR123A batteries and comes with a holster for handsfree carrying

Key Takeaways:

  • If you know how to punch, really this electric knuckles is the best choice for you.
  • The stopping power is IMPRESSIVE, as it can be up to 4.3 milliamps ( Great Amperage)
  • The rubber-coating of this device will protect your fingers and help you to hold it very well without slipping.
  • ZAP is a very trusted brand that it offers  2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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ZAP Blast Knuckles Review

My Experience while Using ZAP Blast Knuckles:

  • Am a big fan of TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 but when I have seen my friend using this powerful knuckles, it got my attention 🙂
  • I bought mine and I really liked the rubber-coating, because it prevents to the device to be slipped from my hand and it protects my finger at the same time.
  • It has an electricity output that’s 4.3 milliamps which indicates to its amazing stopping power.
  • When I received my taser knuckles, I was afraid that it would be heavy to hold it, but it weights only 5 Oz.
  • Really when I wear these electrical knuckles, it scares everyone around when I press the trigger button which gives me the confidence to use it as a last resort to defend my friends & family members.
  • The ARC sound is so high that it keeps aggressive dogs away ( Please use it fairly for the self-defense purposes ONLY )
  • Honestly I have not used it to face an attacker yet, but the reviews in the store are quite positive that it really works fine.
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Are ZAP Blast Knuckles Capable Of Stopping An Attacker?

  • YES, All you need is touching the bare skin of the attacker with these knuckle for 1-2 seconds and he will never dare to approach or get any closer again.
  • This is because of the high amperage that can be provided by the device once you press on the trigger of ZAP Blast knuckles.
zap blast knuckles trigger

ZAP Blast Knuckles Review-(PROS & CONS):


  • 4.3 Milliamps is a great stopping power to rely on while facing any potential danger.
  • Rubber-coating.
  • CR123A batteries.
  • 2-Years Warranty.
  • Safety (Dual activation with on/off switch).
  • Affordable.


  • There are some ladies & girls DON’T have the ability to punch, that’s why pepper spray can be an alternative here for them.
  • illegal in California.

Are ZAP Blast Knuckles Legal To Use It In USA?

  • You will have to regularly check the local laws in your state before carrying these electrical Taser knuckles to avoid any legal problems that may put you in jail or may lead you to pay a financial penalty.
  • For example, it is NOT legal by any mean to carry any kind of knuckles ( Brass knuckles or electric knuckles)
  • There are restrictions in some states also such as Illinois, as it is legal to own a stun gun in Chicago, Illinois but you will need to have a state-issued firearm’s license.
  • additionally you will need to apply with your local police as well. There is a 120-day waiting period before a Chicago resident will receive his or her registration and be able to purchase the stun gun.

How To Use ZAP Blast Knuckles?

I will try to simplify how it works according to my experience after buying it:

  • Open the battery cover on the bottom of the device.
  • Insert the CR123A batteries inside the device.
ZAP Blast battery cap
  • Turn-on the safety switch and you will notice the red light led goes on.
  • Press on the trigger with the index finger.
  • Now the electricity will be on through the metal probes of the knuckles.
  • You can count of the ARC sound to test if the device is charged enough or the batteries became dead.
red light of zap blast knuckles

The Bottom Line

Our ZAP Blast Knuckles review came to an end, and you know what you have to do but I need to summarize my practical experience using this tool in a few words :

This non-lethal BEAST is not suitable for those who don’t like to be close from the attacker, & they have to pick other long-distance self defense weapons as alternatives like TASER PULSE but it is a bit expensive and if you are on tight budget Fox Pepper spray will be the top pick for you.

But if you are like me & can throw a single punch at the attacker’s face, DON’T think twice as these taser knuckles are created for you 🙂

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