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Taser Strikelight 2 Review

TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 Review is the most suitable article if you are about to purchase this device, because I will inform you an in-depth knowledge according to my experience while using this amazing non-lethal weapon in several situations:

  1. A couple of seconds are enough to cause the attacker muscle spasms.
  2. Very Powerful built-in rechargeable battery.
  3. An Ultra bright Flashlight that provides 700 lumens.



TASER Strikelight 2
  • TASER StrikeLight 2 everyday carry flashlight with hidden self-defense stun feature
  • Less-than-lethal stun gun incapacitates would-be attackers with just a touch
  • Crenelated bezel head emits a powerful shock and a loud arc to scare off assailants
  • 3 light modes; 700-lumen high, 150-lumen low, or red light for increased vision at night
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of light and 100 5-second stun cycles
  • Top button activates light modes; on/off safety switch and bottom trigger activates stun
  • Adjustable wrist strap for handsfree carrying and preventing attackers from taking it
  • Dimensions: 7.4″ long x 1.85″ diameter; Weight: 10.6 oz; 1-year warranty; MADE IN USA


Key Takeaways:

  • It is quiet effective to stop an attacker in just 2 seconds, as this will get the attacker into a dazed mental state, while 3-5 seconds can cause a total loss of balance.
  • You will need to make the TASER physically touch the skin of the attacker as this mode does not have a shooting range like TASER Bolt Or Taser Pulse.
  • TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 is one of the best survival flashlights in the market as it has got 700 lumens.
  • This backed by a strong built-in battery can last up to 5 hours of continuous light & a 100 ( 5-seconds stun cycles ) 


  • It Causes unbearable pain to the attacker in 1 or 2 seconds
  • Durability unlike other cheap devices
  • Ultra-Bright 3-IN- 1 Flashlight.


  • A Bit Expensive but it is much better than other cheap stun devices.

TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 Review : Why You Should Keep One?


Effectiveness Of TASER STRIKELIGHT: 

The price of this stun gun is 170 USD because of their effectiveness, not because of the brand. Really it deserve every single penny:

  • It will stop the attacker with a single touch as its amperage deliver unbearable pain.
  • I love the ARC WARNING which is a Loud arc audio warning deters would-be attackers from a distance.
  • SAFE ESCAPE REPLACEMENT ( as TASER® can replace the lost device in a self-defense situation for free but you must present a police report )
  • 3 modes of flashlight backed by a rechargeable battery with universal USB-C cable.


  • It’s designed to be the best stun device in the market.
  • Warranty is 1 Year from Date of Receipt but the service life is up to 5 years.
  • Its housing in Aluminum & the drop test that was made for this device is 4 foot. 

My Experience While Using TASER STRIKELIGHT 2:

  1. I did not regret buying this amazing device as the flashlight works so fine for me.
  2. The amperage & electricity within the metal probes are really painful which make me feel okay to deal with any potential danger I may face.
  3. The Voice of the ARC is really terrifying, as it happens to me personally that i scared an aggressive dog without touching it, ONLY the arc voice made the dog go away.




  • Once you press on the trigger button, the device will release a 5-Seconds stun cycle that will incapacitate the attacker.
  • It combines an ultra-bright 700-lumen flashlight with the stopping power of a stun gun.
  • 3 Light modes , high mode provides 700 lumen while the low mode provides 150 lumen and the red mode for the night vision.
  • Adjustable wrist strap to prevent the attacker from using this device against you.
  • Dimensions: 7.4″ long x 1.85″ diameter; Weight: 10.6 oz.
TASER 3-in-1 flashlight
  • It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours as a flashlight  or 100 cycle of stun ( every cycle is 5 seconds ).
  • Safety switch to prevent any accidental discharge.


  • In this short video, you will learn easily how to activate the flashlight & how to fire the arc safely.
  • Also the recharge instructions are very important to use the device properly.


I will try to answer the most common questions that help you take your decision about owning this stun device or not:

1. What is the TASER Strikelight 2?

TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 is designed to be the most powerful stun gun, it combines an ultra bright flashlight with a very powerful stun power that is capable of stopping the attacker from the 1st second.

2. How does TASER SRIKELIGHT 2 work?

You will need to press on the trigger button and aim for the bare skin of the attacker to stop him & avoid the heavy clothes as the electrical currents can not work through clothes.

3. Is TASER SRIKELIGHT 2 legal to own and carry?

It is legal in 49 US states, but you will always have to check the local laws as it may change from time to another.

4. What is the range of the flashlight on the Strikelight 2?

The flashlight can typically reach up to 30 feet, providing an amazing level of illumination because it is 700 lumen.

5. How powerful is the features of this TASER Device?

The TASER Strikelight 2 delivers a non-lethal electric shock, designed to incapacitate an assailant temporarily within 2 seconds while 3-5 seconds can cause the attacker a total loss of balance.

6. How do you activate the stun gun on the Strikelight 2?

– There’s typically a button or switch on the device to activate the stun gun feature, ( Trigger button as shown in the below image)

taser strikelight

7. Is the Strikelight 2 rechargeable?

– Yes, it usually comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, that can provide 5 hours of illumination or a 100 stun cycle , each cycle is 5 seconds.

8. What’s the battery life of the Strikelight 2?

Depending on your usage but normally will last for hours as explained before.

9. Is the TASER Strikelight 2 safe to use?

It has got a safety switch to prevent any accidental harm, but anyways it is a non-lethal device.

10. Can the Strikelight 2 be used by anyone, or is training required?

I recommend you to watch the previous video to know how to use it properly, then familiarize your hand to check the buttons without looking to be trained enough to use it when needed.

11. What’s the advantage of the Strikelight 2 compared to traditional flashlights?

The personal safety & high amperage ( electricity ) in this device makes it more powerful than other normal stun guns.

12. Is the Strikelight 2 suitable for everyday carry (EDC)?

It is the best non-lethal leader in the market & yes it is designed to be EDC for any emergency.

13. Can the Strikelight 2 be used for self-defense against animals?

Yes, it can be effective in deterring aggressive animals, but use it responsibly as a last resort.

14. How do I maintain the Strikelight 2 for optimal performance?

You will need to regularly check the battery status, clean the device, and don’t test the spark every now & then.

15. Can I take the Strikelight 2 on an airplane?

Most airlines do not allow stun guns or similar devices in carry-on or checked luggage, so it’s typically not permitted during air travel.

On the other side, some airlines allow you to carry your taser device but you will have to give them valid reasons to get the approval.

Remember to always follow safety guidelines according to Taser.com


The Bottom Line:

Our TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 Review came to an end & hopefully I could answer most of the questions that potentially come across your mind.

If your budget allows you to spend 170 USD for personal safety, I highly recommend you the TASER STRIKELIGHT 2 as you won’t need to buy any other self-defense tool for 5 years. 

But if you are on budget I recommend you visit the article of the best stun gun in the market to have a quick overview about other alternatives but will not be the same level of quality of TASER.




I am Dibo, the founder of Selfdefenseme.com, my goal is real simple which is keeping everyone protected & able to defend him/her self when needed. So, I have decided to make this website to review the most effective self defense weapons and also share my experience in using them through the published tips & guides.