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The Best Stun Gun For Women in the market is ShockWave Stun gun as it provides 2 amps which is a huge stopping power to incapacitate an attacker & also ZAP™ LIGHT RECHARGEABLE STUN GUN if you are on budget and look for a very effective stun gun as well.

If you are seeking to know what is the best stun gun for Women & personal protection in general, so this article should be very useful for you.

I had purchased so many stun guns from amazon and other online stores and that gave me an exceptional experience to inform you which stun gun is the best depending on every situation.

So, we I guide you through the 8 best stun guns for women that are so effective to stop an attacker, so that you make a decision easily.

What Is The Best Stun gun?

Here is a quick and easy answer for this question:

1- TASER® BOLT 2 SHOOTING ( Best Range )

2- ZAP™ LIGHT RECHARGEABLE STUN GUN ( Best Stopping power) 


Also inside the below table, you will have a detailed idea about every stun gun, so you can easily take your decision.



3 Best Stun Gun For Women In The Market:






  • Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
  • 6 LEDs for super bright illumination.
  • 1 Million volts of stopping power.


  • Six sharp spikes that help you stop the attacker easily.
  • 4 hours of continuous flashlight use.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty with product registration
  • Wrist strap adds security.


  • Available online only with limited stock.





Taser is a very reputable company that provides only high-quality products, Taser is producing the best stun guns in the market but they are a bit expensive.

If you are not on a tight budget, TASER should be your first option.



  • 3 light modes; 700-lumen high, 150-lumen low, or red light for the night vision.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of light.
  • Adjustable wrist strap that prevent the attacker to use this weapon against you.



  • It is an expensive product 






  • Flashlight can work continuously up to 3 hours.
  • It delivers 800K volts as a stopping power.
  • 2 years of warranty plus 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Very easy to hold it as the device is small in size and weights only 0.52 IBS.
  • Extremely bright LED flashlight.


  • 800K volts are not that great stopping power but it works fine to keep you secure in any situation. 


The Buying Guide That Will Help You Purchase The Best Stun Gun For Women Or Overall:

  • when you buy a stun gun, you must check what can work best for you as every weapon can be used in a different situation than the other.

For example, the stun gun baton is not an ideal option to hold it in the street however it is very effective and can work best for the home protection.

  • The following points will identify what is the best stun gun you can purchase as an effective self-defense weapon:

1- Is It Easy To Use?

  • The safety switch on/off must be easy to reach to avoid any accidental electrical shock.
  • Always practice using your stun gun to familiarize your hands to know the buttons without looking at it because in any fight, you will not have a good chance or time to look where to fire your weapon.

2- The Stopping power:

3- Hand Wrist Safety:

  • It is crucial to purchase a stun gun that has a hand wrist, to keep you secure and prevent the attacker to use the stun gun against you.
  • If the hand wrist has been removed, the stun gun will not be functioning so, it will be useless in hands of the attacker.

4- Battery Type:

  • The best stun gun in the market must have a strong rechargeable batteries that last at least 8 hours.
  • Make sure to buy from a reputable company like Taser , Shockwave or the Zap company as those are the best stun gun brands that are keen on providing products with high level of durability,

5- Flashlight:

  • Having an ultra bright LEDs in your stun gun can be an efficient stopping power to blind your attacker or to brighten any dark place.
  • As long as you will buy a stun gun, so focus on buying the two options in one device but give the priority to :

  1. The device amperage.
  2. Voltage. 
  3. Flashlight. 

So, by following the previous sequence, you will be selecting the best stun gun ever but again make sure you buy from well-known brand to ensure that the device will live so long without any problems.

6- The Size Of The Stun Gun:

  • The Stun gun size is very important as the best stun gun baton will not be a good option in the street as it is impossible to keep it in your pocket but at the same time, the baton is good for home protection.
  • As long as the stun gun size is a hand size, it would be very easy to hold it and use it properly against any attacker. while on the other side if the device is too big, it would make your life harder to defend yourself with it

FAQ About The Stun Guns:

I need you to have a quick view about the most frequently asked questions about the stun guns:

1- Can a stun gun incapacitate any enemy?

  • Yes, any powerful stun gun with high amperage & Voltage can stop any attacker easily. that’s why it is the top pick for women to ensure their safety.

2-Do stun guns work through clothes?

3-Where is the best place to hit with a stun gun?

4-How powerful should my stun gun be?

  • Any Stun gun that delivers 1.5 amps with 2M volts could be a very effective self-defense weapon.
  • That’s why our top pick is getting the shockwave stun gun as it provides 2 amps which is really super powerful.

5- How long do stun gun effects last?

  • In case you fired the stun gun in sensitive areas like the neck, the face or the chest for at least 3 seconds, the attacker will be not knocked out,but will be immobilized for at least 30 seconds.
  • The above can be true with the caveat that you must be using a stun gun with high amperage and voltage. 

6- What are the drawbacks of holding a stun gun?





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