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do stun guns really work?

Do Stun guns really work ? Not all the stun guns are effective, as i noticed in my experiments using different stun guns, the devices that provide more than 1.01 milliamps would work very well to incapacitate any attacker.

If you are looking for a short answer of this question, do stun guns really work?, I can confirm that Stun guns are a very effective self-defense weapon but purchase an effective one to be always secure.

I tested several stun guns, there are cheap ones that are not that effective, and also there are devices that delivers electrical currents with high amperage that can be a deadly stopping power.

Really you can count on it to protect yourself from any dangerous situation.

So,Please keep reading this article to know the reasons that holding a stun gun is worthy.

Do stun guns really work?Key Takeaways:

  • Effective stun guns with high amperage can work very well to keep you secure.
  • Learning how to use the stun gun is the main key of being always protected and ready for any potential danger.
  • Close-range is considered to be a drawback but you can overcome such a challenge by being well-trained and that can be easy with more practice. 

What Is An Effective Stun Gun?

  • An Effective stun gun must be having at least 1 milliamp regardless the number of volts, just focus on the amperage “amps are in charge of causing pain”.
  • Stun guns with strong & bright flashlight will be a plus, because it cause a temporary blind vision to the attacker.
  • Wrist strap disable pin also is very important to prevent the attacker from using this weapon against you.
  • So combining safety with the high amperage devices, equal an effective stun gun by which, you going to be able to incapacitate the attacker easily in a few seconds. 

Do Stun Guns Really work To Defend Yourself?

As I said earlier, They are so effective so let’s find out how can you do it:

  • Always put the stun gun in a place where it can be grabbed by you as fast as you can & keep practicing this till you be familiar with such movement or action.
  • You must aim the big parts in the human body like the chest or the shoulder but if the attacker is wearing heavy or thick clothes, the electrical current can not penetrate these clothes.
  • Then, you must aim the sensitive areas where there are some nerve ending like eyes, chin, nose and neck.
  • Triggering the stun gun for 2-3 seconds would be good enough to make the attacker think twice before getting any closer to you again.
  • Please do NOT stun gun the attacker for more than 3 seconds, as this might cause him a serious damage.
  • Always remember that our purpose of having a self-defense weapon is keeping yourself & your beloved ones secured, that is it.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using A Stun Gun Against An Attacker?

  • Close-range

It required to be close to the attacker to stun his skin to win the fight, but by practicing this can be really easy as all you need is just 2 seconds of stunning him and will fall down or at least you have a big chance to run without being followed.

That’s why I always recommend TASER pulse, especially for women as they can shoot from 15 ft. distance which gives them safe distance from the attacker ( No risk Here ) 

taser pulse


Readiness is a big problem even if you have a real gun, but you can overcome this by placing your device in a very accessible place to be always ready to defend yourself when needed.

  • Training & Practice

I need to be clear enough with you regarding “do stun guns really work” or not, Honestly owning a stun gun is not enough, as after purchasing this device, you will have to train your hand to do the following in 2 seconds by max:

  1. Grab your device from your pocket.
  2. Remove the safety button without looking with the eye “you would not have an opportunity to start looking if you are in a trouble”.
  3. Then, you hand must know where to trigger to start shooting.

So, If you are well-trained to use a stun gun, then you got the advantage to react positively in any dangerous situation you may face in your life 🙂

The Bottom Line – Do [eafl id=”1967″ name=”Stun guns” text=”Stun guns”] Really work?

Of course, yes ! An effective stun gun will help you defend yourself against any attacker if you did the below points:

  • Practicing to grab the stun gun quickly and remove the safety button as quick as possible.
  • Always make sure your stun gun is fully recharged, to be ready for defending yourself

Purchase a powerful device like the shockwave –  “2 Milliamps” – 4.5 millions volts with a very bright flashlight”, & do not purchase a weak device that can’t deliver any pain to the attacker.

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