TASER Pulse Review: Best Non-Lethal Weapon For Home Protection

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TASER Pulse review is where i will guide you through all the details, benefits and the drawbacks of using this electrical device, so you take your decision easily before buying it.

Please keep reading this honest & unbiased review till the end as am writing it down for you at the light of my experience with this non-lethal weapon.

Key Takeaways:

  • TASER Pulse is the best non-lethal shooting gun in the market, its range can be up to 15 feet.
  • Stopping the attacker can be done through shooting the barbs at his bare skin or even clothes.
  • The electricity that pass through the wires that are connected to the barbs will deliver unbearable pain to the attacker which gives you a decent chance to run away.
  • Through this TASER Pulse Review, I can assure this weapon is the best ever for home protection.

TASER Pulse Review

taser pulse
  • Fires barbed probes up to 15 ft. when activated
  • Barbs will stick into clothing or flesh and can even arc electricity through some bulletproof items
  • Unleashes electrical impulses in a similar frequency to your bodies to disrupt normal functions
  • Causes Neuromuscular Incapacitation that does not depend on pain
  • Potential effects can include vertigo, freezing in place, falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, etc.

How Does TASER Pulse works?

  • Simply you will need to pull the trigger button, then the cartridge will be released to fire to 2 small metal probes or the barbs at the attacker from a distance up to 15 ft. away.
  • These metal probes are connected to a wire through which the electrical currents can pass to the attacker’s body.
  • As a result of this, the attacker will feel a great pain, you can also read How to Remove Taser Prongs Safely and Effectively to know what are the needed steps in such scenarios.
TASER Pulse Review

My Experience In Using TASER PULSE

I was so happy when i received my package that contains my Taser device but I really faced some challenges that I need to share with you before you purchase it :

  • TASER Pulse requires a skill of shooting precisely, I mean this a long-range device and I figured out that I need to learn how to aim properly at the target to hit it successfully.
  • So I could hang a white piece of paper on a tree, & I started shooting at it, and I found that it is not that big deal to shoot from 15 feet correctly.
  • What was really challenging for me is carrying a holster, as it is difficult to keep it in pocket.
  • Then I decided to use when I go camping with my friends & family.
  • But what was really awesome is keeping this BEAST for home protection
taser pulse


  • Very effective to shoot from 15 ft. distance which keeps you away from the attacker.
  • BEST Choice for women to keep that beast in purse & be ready for any problem.
  • It has a built-in LASER that helps you so much in shooting precisely.
  • The stopping power is unique, because the amperage within the device deliver unbearable pain to the attacker.
  • Ultra bright white LED is built-in for use in low to no light situations
  • Redesigned handle adds extra grip over the regular Taser Pulse
  • SAFE Escape Replacement ( Police report required)


  • Expensive but yet worth for the home protection, or it can be kept in purse for a radical self-defense solution.
  • You may face challenge with the shooting skills but for me was NOT that big deal.

TASER Pulse Features:

  • When probes successfully hit, the electrical current is very quiet and discreet
  • The cartridge also deploys 20–30 small confetti-like Anti-Felon ID tags
  • Cartridge fits in snug making sure there is no chance for it to come loose when fired
  • Works as a 50,000-volt contact stun gun as well due to two metal electrodes on the front
  • Leaves no lasting effects or contamination to targets
  • The unit features a power LED indicator light that shows the battery power level
  • The ambidextrous safety and can be engaged/disengaged from either side
  • Switch position up means armed, down means safe
  • When the unit is armed for more than 20 minutes it goes into low power mode and won’t fire
  • Ultra bright white LED is built-in for use in low to no light situations
  • Redesigned handle adds extra grip over the regular Taser Pulse
  • Range: 15 ft. (4.6m) range
  • Power Supply: One (1) Replaceable Lithium Battery (not compatible with Taser Pulse+)
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5.25″ x 4.75″ x 1.25″
  • Lifetime Replacement if lost during an attack (police report must be provided)
  • TASER® is a registered trademark of Axon formerly known as TASER International, Inc.

FAQ: TASER Pulse Review

Do You Ship To NYC?

YES, Absolutely

Can TASER Pulse Be Replaced If It’s Lost During Self-Defense?

Yes, you can replace it but you will have to present police report to get that advantage.

For Those Who Bought The TASER Pulse, Are They Happy Using This Device?

I would NOT bother recommending this amazing tool if it is useless, But you can check the customer reviews from HERE, to see that 227 customers left 5 stars review out of 254 customers.

TASERS are the best self-defense tools for women in particular because these devices are a long-range shooting weapons which keep the ladies at a safe distance from the attacker.

What Is The Battery Lifetime?

It may vary between 1 year or 2 years based on your usage & if you store the device in the normal temperature of the room away from the sun or any source of heat.

Can You Take The TASER On a Plane?

They can only be taken via checked baggage but always Contact the airlines as rules may change in the time you decide to travel with your taser device.

Can You Use The TASER Pulse Without Cartridge?

Yes, You can use it as a normal stun gun without cartridge, but you will have to physically make the taser touch the attacker to stun him.

How Many Cartridges Can You Fire?

It is just a single cartridge as if it is one-bullet.

The Bottom Line:

Our TASER Pulse Review came to an end, hopefully I could give you the drawbacks and the benefits beyond owning this marvelous self-defense tool.

I highly encourage you to own this Taser and leave it for Home Protection , Just in case !

For women, they can keep it in purse & if you are on budget you may check out TASER STRIKELIGHT but it is contact-weapon ( You need to physically touch the attacker’s skin through the metal probes.




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