How to Remove Taser Prongs Safely and Effectively?

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how to remove taser prongs

It is crucial to know how to remove taser prongs as neglecting such injury can cause more serious problems, So I decided to make this guide for you based on my practical knowledge with Taser devices.

Please keep reading till the end as you will learn step by step how to deal with the removal of taser barbs or prongs.

Uncomplicated cases involving the penetration of TASER probes through skin can usually be removed by tightening and tugging on their probe bodies.

But If penetration occurred in sensitive areas such as eyes, genitals, mouth or neck then transport to hospital should occur for removal.

Short Summary:

  • Seeking medical care is the first option you must stick to, but you might be in a situation where no doctor are around like camping activities, So you can do the work yourself.
  •  How to remove Taser prongs is not the only goal here, as you will have to clean the wounds and regularly change bandages to avoid infection.
  • Simply Put on gloves – Remove the prongs – Clean the wound – and finally put the bandage.
  • This whole process can be done in a couple of minutes, so there is nothing complicated here.

What Should You Do Before Removing Taser Prongs?

  • Put on gloves before disengaging the prongs from a Taser to reduce any chance of cuts or nicks during disengagement.
  • Then, place the spent probe with its holes up on a flat surface – this will ensure it isn’t accidentally used again by someone.

I highly recommend to ask for medical support, as doctors are very well-trained to deal with such wounds, nevertheless they have the best equipment to handle theses situations effectively.

But being aware of how to remove taser prongs is a plus knowledge that can benefit you one day & it is healthy to know how this can be done:

  • If you find yourself with taser barbs embedded in your body, it is a wise move to take some precautions.
  • First and foremost, ensure the wounds remain clean; make sure they are washed regularly with soap and water, as well as regularly changing bandages if applicable.
  • Clean wounds help avoid infections which could complicate matters further.

How To Remove Taser Prongs?

As opposed to earlier taser models, the probes on the TASER 7 are harpoon-shaped and not intended to be removed easily after penetrating skin.

Police officers are given a plastic probe removal tool (also used for storage of cartridges) which allows them to safely and quickly remove prongs in an incident.

how to remove taser prongs

  1. Importantly, always remove taser barbs in a safe manner by wearing gloves and taking steps such as carefully taking out each barb individually. Once removed, be sure to inspect them all to make sure none have broken off into the skin – if they have, take them immediately to hospital to be evaluated as soon as possible.
  2. Start by stabilizing the patient with one hand while, with another gloved hand, gripping the taser probe firmly. Next, carefully pull it from their skin using quick and smooth motions before visually inspecting its tip to be sure that no part of it remains embedded within their body.
  3. Once the probe is removed from its case, wash your hands before cleaning the impact site with antiseptic solution and applying an adhesive bandage.
  4. Finally, inform the patient on basic wound care and the importance of keeping current with their tetanus shots.

As is evident from this guide, removing taser barbs is generally an uncomplicated process that can usually be completed at the scene.

There may be certain instances in which it would be wiser not to remove them and instead transport the person for hospital evaluation; such instances include when embedded barbs have penetrated facial features, neck tissue, breasts or genitals or when other symptoms may suggest serious injuries or illnesses exist.

Also check your local police department guidelines as they may differ on when to remove taser barbs directly.

This Video will illustrate more how to remove taser prongs, so you can visually observe & learn:

Why Should You remove the taser prongs?

Now you are aware of how to remove taser prongs, So why are we doing so:

  • Leaving the prongs for a long period of time in the skin can lead to serious problems, So prevent it before it happens is the best recommended scenario.
  • Tasers may not be designed to kill, but they still pose serious injury risks. Taser pistols shoot prongs attached to metal strings which when fired can deliver shocks that make the person feel pained or even make them fall to the ground.
  • After each jolt stops, the pain from the prongs remains for only a few seconds before becoming bearable. At that time, your skin may numb and make it easier for you to remove taser barbs from their location.

how to remove taser prongs

The Bottom Line:

  • Now you became aware of how to remove taser prongs successfully, But don’t forget that seeking medical care or going to the hospital is the best option if you have the opportunity to do this.
  • However the Taser or the stun gun is not lethal, but it can leave marks on the skin & It has several effects on the human body So Please learn how to use it properly to avoid causing serious injuries to the others.



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