Can A Felon Own A taser?

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can a felon own a taser

Can A Felon Own A Taser ?, The Short Answer Is NO unless the felon have a prior approval

However tasers or stun guns are electronic devices that are designed to be non lethal & can be very effective for self-defense but the the people who have a felony in the record can NOT own a taser.

If the felony is not related to violence, A felon can own a taser but this happens in some US. states only like Texas until the time of writing this article.

Please read this article till the end to be away from any legal problems that can create obstacles in the future:

  •  For students, as such violation can prevent them to join some college or school.
  • Difficulty to find jobs or even to find apartment to rent as the majority of house owners require clean criminal record.

Key Takeaways:

  • Can a felon own a taser is an important question that must be asked by anyone has a felony in the record, even if it is writing bad checks.
  • It it a MUST to check the updated local law regarding this point to avoid any legal issue.
  • Restrictions applied in some US. states for people with a clean criminal record, so the legal punishment will be even worse with convicted felons.

Can A Felon Own A Taser?

It depends where you live, as every US state has a different rule regarding the people who have a felony in their record.

For example, In Texas Felons can carry a taser if their felony has noting to do with violence. while other states prevent their citizens to own taser in case they have a financial felony like writing bad checks.

Yet not related to violence but at the end it is considered to be a crime & it exists in the record.

So, I highly advise you to check the local laws before carrying a stun gun or a taser to avoid any legal complications.

Meaning of FOID?

It is a Firearm Owner Identification Card, that must be issued for the residents of Illinois.

Even if you are NOT a felon and living in on the below states:

You will be having to get a permit that will allow you to buy stun guns from licensed stores:

  • Connecticut,
  • Delaware,
  • Illinois,
  • Massachusetts,
  • New Mexico,
  • West Virginia and Wisconsin.


Let’s Imagine you are in California, where felons can NOT own or carry a taser or a stun gun:

If you got caught for the first time, you will pay a fine, and in the second time will be considered as a misdemeanor crime.

Then you will have to deal with a lot of upcoming troubles such as:

  • impeding you from accessing certain jobs and rentals
  • Schools may reject students with criminal convictions.
  • Not receiving certain government benefits.

can a felon own a taser

Quick Story About Felony Pulled a knife to react NOT to start an attack:

In 2019,  Gerald Otis Evans was arrested in Feb, 2019 on charges that he used knives against first responders, Then he got charged as an individual who unlawfully used an instrument for criminal purposes.( Same charges of owning gun by a felony)

Though felons in possession of firearms is widely acknowledged, its misdemeanor counterpart – possessing firearms charges – might not.

An individual charged with felonious weapon use cannot possess or use switchblades, butterfly knives, clubbing tools, Tasers or stun guns in violation of their probation terms.

Convicted felons are prohibited from carrying weapons with blades sharpened both sides – including daggers, dirks and stilettos – when in public.

Should You Check The Laws?

Definitely YES, as Laws can change by time, So regardless the time you are reading my blog post, visit the site of the stun gun laws to avoid any legal problems.

Laws are regularly being updated based on several circumstance, So by the time you are reading my post, It could be some outdated rules or change happened.

You will have to search the words “Taser Laws + The name of your state” to check the best updated version of law, & the reference must be official site that is related to the state like for example.

Finally if you could not find the needed information of can a felon own a taser, you should consult a lawyer. believe me that will give you the confidence to talk to an officer when you justify it is your right to own a taser.

Short Summary:

Now you know can a felon own a taser or not, You shall not carry a taser if you have any felony until checking the laws in your city as it is difficult for us to write what is the law in every & each state.

Another important thing, The Federal Statutes of the gun control did not mention in-depth information about the electrical guns in the official websites just like their full explanation about the firearms.

So, in this case of not being able to reach the legal situation to know can a felon own a taser in your city or state, you should call a lawyer & ask him about the penal code “like California“, as they made it so clear that felons can not own a taser according to Penal Code 22610 PC.




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