Best Tasers For Self defense

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Best Tasers For Self Defense

The best tasers for self defense in the market as below:

  1. TIGER USA Xtreme Stun Gun – Best budget & efficiency. (Click HERE) – ( Read Review From Here
  2. TASER Bolt 2 – Best range & portability. (Click HERE) – ( Read The Best Taser For A woman To Carry )
  3. TASER STRIKELIGHT – Best Flashlight Stun gun. (Click HERE)
  4. TASER Pulse – Best range but it is NOT concealable. (Click HERE)

How Did We Pick The Best TASERS For Self Defense?

No matter the situation, having the best tasers for self defense should be easy to carry and use, effective, affordable and MUST include built-in flashlights for added safety.

Stun guns require direct contact, making them less effective than TASER weapons; however, they’re more affordable, easier to conceal, and don’t require a background check.

Short Summary:

  • Tasers are non-lethal self defense weapons that are designed to help you survive any potential danger.
  • Best tasers for self defense is the ones that have cartridges fire barbed probes up to 15 feet, so that you get a safe distance between you and the attackers.
  • Taser Bolt 2 can be configured with the Axon mobile app, to connect your device with the local police as when the cartridges  are fire, they will know your exact location to come & help you right away.

1. Tiger USA Xtreme Stun Gun


The TIGER stun gun is one of the most effective self-defense weapons that can quickly incapacitate an attacker, by delivering intense pain to them, so that you would be having enough time to escape or call for help.

According to my experience in using it, its high-voltage & amps shock are the key factors to make this shockwave stun gun the best bet.

Plus, its batteries are rechargeable and it has got an ultra-bright flashlight that can temporarily blind the attackers, in addition to the safety switch to avoid any accidental discharge.

What i liked the most, is the affordability as it costs only 29 USD and it is legal in most of the US states.

  • Concealable weapon that can easily be kept in pockets, so that you can be ready anytime you feel threatened by an attacker or even an aggressive dog.
  • it is even available online, and can be delivered to your home with 60 days as a money-back guarantee.

Since we are guiding you to give you an idea about the best tasers for self defense, I want to let you know the CONs of using it:

One drawback of a stun gun, is you will have to be in a direct with the attacker to deliver the electric shocks. If facing off against someone with larger, stronger opponent this may not be possible; additionally, heavy clothing may interfere with making contact and delivering electric shocks.

Also, you must make the stun gun probes touch the skin of the attacker. To overcome this challenge, Taser Pulse Or Taser Bolt 2 will be the needed pick if you are really looking for the best tasers for self defense, as it provides an effective solution by shooting the taser prongs from 15 ft.

You need to use it as a last resort in the self defense only ( Am saying this because I found some people asking about using tasers as defibrillator)

Or you can be combining stun gun with pepper spray and that is an effective & cheaper solution.

2. TASER® Bolt 2

If you want to put some distance between you and a potential attacker while still possessing the ability to subdue them with non-lethal force, nothing beats a cartridge taser.

This device is called Taser Bolt 2, It uses barbed electrode prongs shot from a distance that can incapacitate someone for up to 15 feet away – plus, they come complete with their own nylon holster and charger so they can be stored conveniently anywhere like your home, gym locker, or vehicle.

Are You Wondering If the Device Can Inflict Any Harm with This Design? The answer is a definitive “Yes”. While this device doesn’t feel bulky like brass knuckles do, its design wraps around your middle fingers for maximum impact during exercise sessions.

What i liked about this non-lethal weapon, is having a built-in 210-lumen LED light.

So you can easily use it at night or you can blind the attacker temporarily to have decent chance by running away 🙂


While am talking to you regarding the best tasers for self defense, Amazingly TASER STRIKELIGHT flashlight could double the strength of having both functions as a tactical flashlight beside a deadly power of electricity comes out from this device.

Combining both illumination and electrical shock delivery against potential threats make this device very effective to stop an attacker or even a dog attack without serious harm.

Can TASERs Or Stun Guns Be Used Safely?

From my experience, using stun guns can be very safe if you used the wrist strap to prevent the attacker from using the device against you.

Using Tasers will be safe as you can shoot from a long distance without having to get closer from the attacker

Remember to use these non-lethal weapons as a last resort in case of personal security only & avoid causing any serious injuries to the others.

At Ease Tasers Are Easy to Use

It is designed to be so easy as you are watching the below video, and i agree with the company when they claim that Tasers are the best self-defense tool for women.

By a single press & a precise aim, all ladies can be safe from any potential danger.

TASERS Can Immobilize Challenging Suspects

According to my research, Tasers offer an alternative solution for use on more challenging suspects, including those uncooperative with law enforcement or those under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Tasers are effective tools in disabling muscle control as well as inducing fall or weapon droppage making them easier to restrain; furthermore they do not cause the same level of pain that lethal force weapons do.

The TASER Pulse is an advanced and lightweight self-defense weapon which combines a 210-lumen LED flashlight with an advanced neuromuscular incapacitation system to incapacitate assailants for up to 30 seconds, offering civilians who are legally allowed to do so a powerful weapon for personal protection. Additionally, this self-defense weapon offers 15 feet safety range and comes complete with two rechargeable batteries, hard body holster and conductive practice target.

Though stun flashlights may provide peace of mind, it is essential that they only be used as an absolute last resort. Before using one for any purpose it is also wise to familiarize yourself with its operation and safety as well as keeping a [eafl id=”2010″ name=”Pepper spray” text=”pepper spray”]pepper spray handy as a backup protection.

4. TASER® Pulse

TASER Pulse is very effective to stop the attacker from 15. ft. distance, but require a precise aim to let the prongs hit the attacker’s body correctly.

Then, a high-powered electric shock will be sent to the attacker to cause him intense pain, finally you can escape.

Always remember to void shooting in the head as this can cause serious injuries that may put you in legal troubles.

You can use this device to mark an attacker or criminal so they can be identified later by law enforcement, making the TASER Pulse an ideal way for civilians looking for protection without worrying about firing guns during stressful encounters. 

Taser pulse device can not be concealed as it is like a normal gun in shape, that is why it is recommended to keep in your car and keep a hidden weapon in your pocket to surprise your enemy “believe me surprising the enemy is so much better that letting everyone knows you have gun in your belt”.

Mobile app integration with local authorities will definitely help you to overcome any threats.

However the TASER Pulse may provide many advantages, it is still important that you MUST be familiar with its risks and how to safely utilize it before purchasing one for personal protection. While a non-lethal self defense weapon, its misuse could still result in serious injuries; any individual using one for self defense purposes should also understand any legal and ethical repercussions that might follow from their decision.

The Bottom Line:

After we agreed on Tiger Stun gun as one of the best tasers for self defense due to the efficiency & affordability as well, but yet it is close contact weapon that require to be close from the attacker.

That’s why our top pick is the Taser Bolt 2 especially for women as you can shoot the attacker from a long distance up to 15 Ft.




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