Can A Taser Kill A Dog? Be Safe !

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can a taser kill a dog

Can a taser kill a dog?, YES. So many dogs died as a result of being shocked with a taser.”Source” While other dogs that have a thick Fur-covered will not feel that much pain.

So, Depending of the overall health of the dog, It will survive or not but in most cases will NOT die if you are using the Taser properly.

Taser devices are designed to be non-lethal unless you used it in the wrong way & that has legal consequences.

Short Summary:

  • Misusing the Taser gun on a dog can lead to death certainly, so you must watch your actions while trying to survive a dog attack.
  • Electricity will cause the dog intense pain & increase in the heart rate no matter how big is the dog.
  • You need to learn how to survive a dog attacker without a taser by not making an eye contact, not turning your back to the dog & not making any sudden movements.
  • Pepper spray Canisters are the best affordable option that will help you so much to stop an aggressive dog without causing any permeant damage.
  • When you decide to carry a pepper spray in your pocket, remember not to use the spray excessively at dogs as their noses are very sensitive & this may cause a permanent damage ( Always use it reasonably to protect yourself)

Can A Taser kill A dog?

Definitely YES, No matter how big is the dog, it can be killed after being tased with a taser gun.

But bear in mind that one shot from a taser device will not kill the dog right away, as what happened with the cops of Portland is a proof of multiple taser shots could kill a very healthy 50 pounds Pitbull dog.

The Dog did not die from the. first shot but after shooting taser darts so many times towards the dog body, the Pitbull died.

In a nutshell, it depends on how to use it, if you used the taser aggressively on a dog, you would kill him but a single-shot will make the dog move backward & you will have a chance to survive without hurting the dog so badly.

How Does The Taser Work On A Dog?

  • Once you load the Cartridges inside the taser gun, and pull the trigger, the taser darts will hit the dog body to send electrical currents & that will cause the dog intense pain.
  • The level of pain will vary between a dog & another as it depends on the size, fur, and, the overall health of the dog.
  • Most dogs would face a ventricular fibrillation which is sort of irregular heart rhythm that can lead into sudden death.

Can Tasers Cause Permanent Damage To Dogs?

You are now aware of can a taser kill a dog or not, So surely Taser guns can cause permanent damage to dogs if you misused the taser on dogs like I explained to you in the first section of the article.

The dog can have an immediate permanent damage like:

  • Nerve damage.
  • Organ failure.
  • Internal injuries & bleeding.

Even death can happen to dogs because of the ventricular fibrillation & the drastic increase in the heart rate.

While if the dog survived, will face long-term problems like:

  • Dogs may suffer from anxiety disorders.
  • Fear aggression & isolation.
  • Deep mistrust of humans as a result of what happened.

Believe these are innocent creatures that feel everything around, and there are other multiple ways to stop a dog attack that I will get deep into it.

What Is The Best Way To Stop A Dog Attack?

After you have know the answer of can a taser kill a dog or not , Am pretty sure that no one on earth desire to hurt an innocent dog, unless he is not mentally stable.

So here are a few tips to follow to stay safe during a dog attack:

  1. You will have to remain calm & never run.
  2. Stay composed as dogs can feel & sense your fear and that would escalate their aggression.
  3. Then, you will have to take steps backwards very slowly as any sudden moves would provoke the dog way further.
  4. You need to notice any object within reach around you to make it a physical barrier between you and the attacking dog like a chair, umbrella or even your jacket.
  5. NEVER make an eye contact with the dog “this way you are challenging the dog and it will became more aggressive”.
  6. Also NEVER turn your back to the dog because this way you are telling the attacking dog “IAM YOUR PREY“.
  7. So move backward slowly step by step to achieve a safe distance between you and the dog.

Will A Stun Gun Stop A Dog attack?

Yes it will stop a dog attack if ONLY you could approach the dog and successfully stunned gun the dog before he bites you badly.

The Stun gun is a close-range contact weapon & it is dangerous to fight an aggressive dog while being 1 or 2 ft. from it.

can a taser kill a dog

Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Tasers?

Dogs or any animal in general are very sensitive to loud or the sudden noises in particular, You might experience playing with fireworks beside your dog & definitely you dog panic after such a sudden noise.

Also, most stun guns or tasers are accompanied with a flashlight that are ultra bright and this sort of light is painful to the dog’s eyes just like the humans.

Finally the dog’s nose are very sensitive and can smell the electrical charges that were produced by a taser gun.

What Else Can I Use Other Than A Taser To Stop A Dog Attack?

Pepper spray is the most effective self-defense tool to stop a dog attack, as you can use it from a long distance & does not harm the dog so badly like tasers.

Pepper spray is very affordable unlike the taser guns & the spray can be shot in patterns that will prevent the dog to approach you any further.

Bottom Line:

After you completely have known the answer of can a taser kill a dog, you are now responsible for your actions by not harming an innocent spirit.

Also you are fully aware of how to survive a dog attacker by keeping a small pepper spray canister in your pocket or you can stop it before it starts like I explained to you earlier.

You can read the Fox Pepper Spray review  that may help you to get an overview about how it works.




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