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self defense knuckles

Taser knuckles is one of the most effective self defense knuckles that you can rely on to incapacitate any attacker.

Self defense Knuckles, can be an effective weapon, that is offering greater access to using your entire fist when striking, especially if that electrical device deliver high amperage, so the attacker would feel intense pain.

The brass knuckle is a metal weapon and it is illegal in several states but the Stun gun Knuckles or Taser knuckles is legal in most of the US states.

It is lightweight and durable yet inexpensive; ZAP Blast stun gun is the best taser self defense knuckles in the market

Key Takeaways:

  • What i like the most about the self defense knuckles, is giving you access to using your entire fist when striking.
  • Different types of self defense knuckles are available, some with 2 holes & others with 4 holes, so you can choose what can be more comfortable to your fist.
  • Impossible for the attacker to grab it from you if you hold it in the right way.

What Are The Self Defense Knuckles?

It is an electric device worn over one’s knuckles that enables its user to punch more forcefully and more efficiently by conserving and concentrating blow force into one area for better odds to stop the attacker & then you can survive any potential danger.

As you know Brass knuckles are illegal in most states due to their potential to inflict serious injury or even death, That’s why i recommend you to use the ZAP Blast Knuckles because it is legal in 90% of States of US.

Please read Sting Ring Weapons article to know more in-depth knowledge about these non-lethal weapons 

Self defense knuckles

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the brand and style you select, but my advise to you is picking the best stopping power and also consider what can be convenient to your hand or fist.

For Example, i need to clarify 2 different self defense knuckles with different pricing & shape as well:


  • It costs 53 US Dollars including shipping.
  • These Blast Knuckles offer up to 4.3 milliamps of electrical output.
  • You can read ZAP Blast Knuckles Review article to have in-depth knowledge about it.


  • It costs Only 23 Us Dollars and it  delivers a charge of 2.72 mAh “Milliamps”

So, Which One is the best?

As i told you before that electric Taser knuckles can be an effective self-defense weapon, adding strength and power to your punches.

That’s why, I would inform you that both are very effective to stop any attacker, so pick the Cheapest one if you are on budget or the 53 US dollars version if you care about having the highest amperage device to deliver unbearable pain.

Types of Self Defense Knuckles:

Self defense knuckles are small yet powerful hand weapons designed for self-defense, or just carrying in your pocket, known as “knuckle dusters.” Though often associated with criminal activity or unfair fights.

knuckles weapon may just make for stylish pocket ornaments! There are various models on the market which you can purchase as self-defense tools or something cool to keep with you at all times.

self defense knuckles can dramatically increase your punching power when used correctly. By circumventing hand physiology and redirecting kinetic energy away from delicate fist bones to larger ones in your wrist and arm, these devices enable powerful punches without risk of injury to fingers or knuckles.

How To Use Them?

ZAP Blast knuckles can be highly effective self-defense weapons when used correctly, providing an equalizer between attackers of differing weight.

Their lightweight nature also makes them easy to carry, fitting snugly in your fist without adding extra weight or risking injury or mishaps.

However, prior to employing this weapon it is wise to train yourself first as punching requires coordination among several body parts such as elbow, forearm and shoulder; to deliver effectively it also involves straightening wrist and arms; this weapon works effectively when used correctly!

Please watch this video to know more info about how can you use these self defense knuckles:

Are Taser Self Defense Knuckles legal?

Many states prohibit carrying brass knuckles as dangerous weapons, and those caught doing so could face fines or prison time depending on your state laws and criminal history.

Up till July-2023, Taser self defense knuckles can NOT be shipped to the below US States:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • New Mexico
  • West Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • California

Should You Use a Taser Knuckle For Self Defense?

  • I encourage you to use this non-lethal weapon for self defense, As you can wear it like gloves on the fingers to increase punch power and accuracy.
  • Very hard for any assailant to take it from & then use it against you like normal stun guns or Tasers.
  •  It increases confidence and momentum during fights while defending yourself or your family against any potential danger.

Why Do we recommend ZAP Knuckles in particular?

  • It has a great stopping power of 1.02 microcoulombs.
  • No Slip-Grip because of the rubber-coating protect “high security add-on just like the disable pin with the stun gun
  • Very Affordable.
  • It has 134 Positive reviews up to this time of writing the article, which means the customers really liked it.




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