Would A Stun Gun Work On Bear?

Would a Stun gun work on bear? the short answer is BIG NO, You can never rely on a self-defense tool that force you to stay 2 ft. from a predator.

I would like to answer this question at the light of my experience & the real life examples that i have been through while camping with my friends.

Stun gun would NOT work effectively on a bear because the stun gun is a contact-weapon, so it is very risky to be close from a bear trying to attack you while on the other side, you are trying to stun the bear.

The best self-defense tool is bear spray which will not harm the bear like the firearm and guarantee your safety at the same time.

Key Takeaways:

  1. It seems to be a good idea to protect yourself from a bear by using stun gun BUT this is not the best solution.
  2. Stun gun is a contact-weapon and I don’t recommend getting closer to a bear.
  3. Taser can be a good option as you can shoot from a long distance, but it is an expensive device that stars from 400 USD, nevertheless some bears have a thick fur and can be protected against any electrical shocks.
  4. Bear Spray is the best option as it is designed to protect you from bears in particular because of the long range & its price is in hand.

Would A Stun Gun Work On Bear?


Would a stun gun work on a bear
  • The stun gun is sending electrical currents which can not penetrate heavy clothes, and this should be the same issue with the thick fur of the bear.
  • As a result of all the above, I don’t advise you to face any bear with an electrical weapon.

What Would Be The Best Self-Defense Tool Against A Bear?

  • Bear Spray is the best self-defense tool against bears, it is a kind of pepper spray but designed to be working on bears not humans.
  • Stun guns are electrical guns so, it would NOT work on bears in any bear attack
  • I highly recommend ( frontiersman bear attack deterrent ) as it Fires up to 35 feet which is further than some other bear spray brands. 

How To Avoid A Bear Attack?

I always believe that prevention is better than cure, So I would prefer to prevent a bear attack than defending your-self against a bear, therefore you will need to be cautious:

  1. To stay away from any area where bears are existing.
  2. To check the signs of the bear.
  3. Keep your food away from the camping tent.
  4. Bears don’t like noise, so while hiking with your group it is recommended to talk with them loudly.
  5. It is always safe to be camping at a high place, where you can see the coming bears without any surprise.

The Bottom Line:

Now, I believe the question of would a stun gun work on bear has been fully answered and you know what you have to do in such case:

  • Bear Spray is the best way to be secure from any bear attack.
  • Stun guns or Tasers are not effective in most cases as some bears have a think fur, and electricity will not make a huge impact on bears.
  • It is always much better to avoid a bear attack than defending yourself against a giant animal may harm you badly.