Sting Ring Stun Gun reviews

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Sting Ring Stun Gun reviews

Sting Ring Stun Gun reviews article is where i will explain the details an effective non-lethal self defense weapon according to my experience while using this little beast. inside this article I will guide you through the features, Pros & Cons of this amazing tool as i bought this stun gun and i have test it, then i decided to write down this article according to my practical knowledge about this sting ring.

The single sting ring stun gun can be the best option for women as it is small in size and very light in weight while the triple sting ring can be more powerful but both are very effective and capable of stopping any attacker.

Inside the below table, I will show you a quick overview about each sting ring stun gun:

Which Sting Ring Stun Gun Is The Best?

Both are very effective as they provide a high amperage which is above 2.5 milliamps and high percent of voltage which is above 15 Million volts. Therefore, you can buy the best comfortable ring to your hand.  


sting ring stun gun


  • It is an ultra-powerful stun gun as it provides 2.72 Milliamps beside 28 Millions Volts of electrical voltage.

  • It has 3-contact striking points to ensure your protection.

  • Amazing pricing of 21$ USD.

  • It has a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Small and lightweight size which make the best option for women.

sting ring stun gun


  • Restrictions in sales to some US States according to the local laws.




  • No-Slipping stun gun and it is impossible to be grabbed by the attacker.

  • High amperage & Voltage which make the self-defense weapon very effective.

  • Small Size & Lightweight.


  • The stun gun probes are small not like the Triple Sting Ring Stun Gun.


My Experience With These Sting Rings Stun gun:

I decided to buy this amazing self-help tool for the below reasons:

  1. It is quite affordable as it costs only 23 USD.

  2. The stopping power is sufficient to stop the attacker, because the Sting Ring gives off a charge of 0.85 microcoulombs.

  3. This ring can be easily kept in pocket to be ready for any potential danger.

  4. There are a lot of positive sting ring stun gun reviews left by people already bought this non-lethal weapon.

I can assure you that am very happy with this product, I find it very easy to charge & the arc sound is really high which scare the criminal to get any closer.

For me it was very comfortable to wear it as it is impossible to be slipped & no way the attacker can use it against me.

Difference Between Amperage & Voltage:

Amperage is the volume of electrons that come out of the stun gun, that is why the strength of any stun gun is measured by how many milliamps can be provided in each press on the stun gun trigger.

While the voltage is the pressure of exiting the electrons out of the stun gun, surely it matters but what it matters the most is the amperage.

How Can you Stop an Attacker?

  •   This sting ring stun gun made of plastic with a rubberized coating to give you a better grip and prevent slipping, to defend yourself easily.

  • You will have to touch the skin of the attacker for 1-2 seconds and that should be enough to cause him muscle spasms. 

  • This little device cause unbearable pain because it has an output of 2.5 Milliamps beside 18M Volts which is a great power.

  • You will need to put your middle finger inside the sting ring and press on the red button with the thumb finger to fire the stun gun.

sting ring stun gun

How Can you Recharge The Sting Ring Stun Gun?

Sting Ring Stun Gun reviews

  • Both have a USB Charging Cord.

  • Both are powered by built-in batteries “lithium battery” that can be recharged in any standard USB Port.

  • When you receive the sting ring stun gun, you will have to charge it for 2 hours as it will not work until it became fully charged.

The Bottom Line Of Sting Ring Stun Gun reviews Article:

I recommend buying this self-defense rings, because I found that there are massive positive reviews from the customers who already purchased the sting ring stun gun, as they tested it then assured that is a very effective self-defense weapon.

  1. Any sting ring stun gun has an Output of 2.5 Milliamps which will leave the attacker in a great pain if he has been stunned for 2 seconds.

  2. The pricing is great versus the quality that you will have.

  3. The size is amazing especially for women to have a personal defense tool.




I am Dibo, the founder of, my goal is real simple which is keeping everyone protected & able to defend him/her self when needed. So, I have decided to make this website to review the most effective self defense weapons and also share my experience in using them through the published tips & guides.