How To Charge A Stun Gun? – Avoid Dead Batteries!

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How to charge a stun gun ? might seem a bit silly question but this is not the truth, it is very crucial as most of the stun guns don’t have an indicator that tell us the batteries are fully charged or not.

That’s why we need to stick to the buyer’s guide instructions that comes with the device, by charging the device for 6 hours in the first time then recharge every month for 1-2 hours based on the consumption.

Remember that overcharging the [eafl id=”1967″ name=”Stun guns” text=”stun gun”] will end the life of the batteries, so please charge the device in a reasonable way.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of the stun guns in the market have a common issue that the red charging led is not turning from red into green when the batteries became fully recharged.
  • Most Stun guns in the market don’t have a charging indicator to let you know when it is full.
  • Over Charging the batteries can lead to explode and fire inside the house, that’s why i need you to buy the stun gun device from a reputable company.
  • Don’t ignore the instructions paper that comes with the device after buying it, as most companies recommend you charge the device for 6 hours then 1 hour every month and this might change based on device usage from the user end.
  • There are stun guns that have a battery life indicator, by that kind of recent technology. you will be aware of how much your device is recharged but the big problem with these devices is they are not that effective weapons that can stop an attacker in real life.

What Are The Common Problem Of Charging Stun Guns?

There are lithium-ion batteries inside the stun guns that have the same common problems which is not turning the red charging led off or turning it into green when it became fully recharged.

As a result of this, the charging will never stop, so that the temperature of the batteries will be overheated and that can lead to explode or fire.

So, Please never count on the recharge light to be turned into green, as this will never happen with most of the stun gun devices.

How Long Can You Charge A Stun Gun?

You need to follow and read the device instructions after you buy the device to check how to charge a stun gun & for how long, if you did so, you would find that most companies recommend to charge the batteries for 6 hours, then 1 hour every month.

I always recommend you should put your hands on the stun gun after the 1st of hour of charging to check if it is overheated or not.

I know this seems insane but believe me, you must find a way to be always in the safe side, and the overheated batteries will definitely explode in your house.

So, Please Don’t over charge your batteries and read the instructions guide before using the stun gun.

how to charge a stun gun?

The Bottom Line Regarding How To Charge A Stun Gun?

  • It very important to know how to use the stun gun? and how to charge a stun gun? properly to avoid any serious problem that might happen whether it is fire in the house or even facing an enemy with an empty battery.
  • Always remember that this device is not a phone, so you need to follow the previous tips of avoiding to over-charge the batteries and follow what is written in the buyer’s guide that comes with the stun gun.

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