Brutus Self Defense Keychain Review

In this article, I will review all the PROS & CONS of Brutus self defense keychain according to my practical knowledge, Because i have been using it frequently.

It is very cheap as it costs Only 9 or 10 $ Us Dollars, unlike the firearms it is legal in most of the countries, and very effective to stop the attacker if you learnt how to use correctly.

Brutus Self Defense Keychain

  • Very Cheap Tool , Only 10 USD.
  • Unbreakable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) molded plastic
  • Rigid knuckles and sharp edges that deliver a devastating punch.

Short Summary:

  • 10 Us. Dollars for having this effective self-defense tool is worth buying as it offers protections without any legal problems.
  • Easily portable & it has various colors to be a bit stylish.
  • Always check the local laws in your city before buying this keychain, for example it is NOT allowed to use it in California.
  • we advise our audience in this blog to own other self defense tools that are very effective to stop an attacker like the stun guns or Pepper spray, ZAP Blast Knuckles But still the keychain is very safe.


  • The Brutus selfdefense Keychain is an inconspicuous yet highly effective self-defense tool. Its eyes serve as finger holes for easy fitment of fingers while its ears work as spikes, by which you will become able to incapacitate the attackers.
  • They are build of impact resistant ABS plastic, which is very light in weight and so easy to keep it in pocket.
  • That is why, we always claim that keychain is the best for portability & storage as well.
  • This plastic material can break glass & resist the attackers with its sharp points & it is highly recommended to keep it with you, just in case of emergency to help you survive any potential danger.
Brutus Self Defense Keychain
  • Brutus self defense keychain is an effective tool to stop the attacker because it is lightweight, durable and simple to use.
  • It is available in pink and black versions & very affordable.
  • You can easily attach the Brutus self defense keychain to keys, or keep in purses or your pockets or simply place it between two fingers with sharp edges ready to strike against any attackers who approach you.
  • LED lights built-in is an extra layer of security as it will provide temporary blindness against attackers, so that you are going to have enough time to escape or call for help.
  • Never forget that you should practice using it at home, before any potential attacks so you know how best to use it when an attack does happen. as it will be extremely easy if your hands became familiar to holding the keychain.



Brutus self defense keychains are small, easily concealed weapons designed to defend you in emergency situations.

  • Their non-threatening appearance belies their capacity for effective self-protection: with its finger hole for tight gripping in palm of hand and its inch-long ears that turn into deadly spikes when clutched together tightly against attackers.
  • Silver rings allow easy attachment to belt loops or backpacks for fast access in case of an attack.
Brutus Self Defense Keychain
  • Choose from several colors available so that it complements your personal style best. The Brutus self defense keychain comes in red, pink, blue, black and purple to fit in perfectly with any bag or purse – plus comes with its own carrying pouch! Additionally, use it as a kubaton (a small foldable knife designed to defend yourself)!
  • Self defense keychains are effective in many circumstances, from workplace assaults to school attacks.
  • They are easy to use and cost-effective to carry around.

According to my experience, Any knuckle weapon is the go-to choice when it comes to find that tasers & stun guns are not legal in your state.

Especially if these self defense keychains, are made out of steel or ABS Plastic or aluminum with sharp points to attack an attacker.

Our Top Pick ( Keychain + Stun gun + Pepper Spray + Folding Steel Blade ) In just One Pack at a very affordable price



The Brutus Self Defense Keychain is small so it will be easily portable for you, That’s why it is an easy addition to your daily carry. to give you the edge over the attacker by being Equipped with a sharp spike that can deter attackers.

This tool was made from tough yet durable plastic that will not slip through your fingers. By making it more difficult for an assailant to grab or hold onto it, while pointed “ears” rest comfortably atop each finger for better leverage against attackers.



  • The Brutus Self Defense Keychain is a lightweight and discreet self-defense tool you can carry with you at all times for self-protection. Its pointed end can be used to strike back at attackers and deter further assault.
  • In addition, its built-in LED light may blind them temporarily so you have time to escape safely – all while its small size makes it convenient to bring along with you in pockets or purses.

  • This stylish self-defense tool, shaped like a bull dog with pointed ears and designed for easy concealment in your hand, looks non-threatening when clutched between palm and fingers and easy to use – simply loop fingers through its eyes, turning its ears into spikes that can be used against attackers.

There are various kinds of self defense keychains on the market, ranging in price from $20 to $100. Some feature multi-use window breakers or seat belt cutters while others may just help give you an upper hand in emergency situations.


Self-defense weapons can be difficult to use effectively and may not always be legal in all states. Before purchasing one in any location, check local regulations for carry bans before making your decision. Alternatively, invest in a self-defense keychain as an emergency backup measure – just in case!


The Bottom Line:

  • Brutus self defense keychain is highly recommended due to its affordability, effectiveness & durability, therefore it is always worth buying this 10 USD keychain for your own protection.
  • What made us so confident about buying this Brutus self defense keychain is there are massive positive reviews from the people who purchased, used it & liked a lot, then they left a 5-stars review.