what happens if you use a stun gun on someone touching you

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use a stun gun on someone touching you

Will you use a stun gun on someone touching you?, Anyone has a stun gun can be worried from such a situation.

If you use a stun gun on someone who is touching you, the electrical shock from the stun gun will not pass through your body.

According to our practical knowledge in using stun guns, you can stun gun the attacker normally even if he is touching you, you are safe without feeling any pain. No Worries !

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use a stun gun on someone touching you without feeling any pain
  • Never exceed 3 seconds while you stun gun the attacker. as this period should be enough to incapacitate an attacker.
  • Always remember to use the stun gun as a last resort for the personal security only.

What Happens If You Use a Stun Gun On Someone Touching You?

  • The electrical currents that comes out through the metal probes of the stun gun will not pass through your body.
  • So, the attacker would feel unbearable pain based on the amperage of the stun gun while you can not feel any pain however he is touching you.

How Would The Attacker Feel After Being Hit With A Stun Gun?

There are too many effects on the human body after being hit with this electrical weapon:

  • Being hit with a stun gun can cause intense pain, muscle contractions, and disorientation, which may result in the attacker falling to the ground or losing control of their body as a result of the electric shock.
  • The effects can vary depending on the amperage levels and duration of the stun gun’s electrical shock, as well as the individual’s overall health, tolerance to pain and the place of the shock in the human body.

Through the normal facts about the stun guns effects, No severe injury will be caused if you never exceeded 3 seconds while you stun gun the attacker.

How Long Should You Safely Stun Gun The Attacker?

It is very important to figure out how long you should keep stunning gun the attacker to avoid any legal problems:

  • As a general rule, you should only stun gun an attacker for a period that never exceed 3 seconds, that will immobilize the attacker for at least 5 seconds up to few mins so you can have to chance to run & survive.
  • More than 3 seconds can lead to cause a serious injury while your goal is the personal security only.

  • The exact duration of the stun can vary depending on the stun gun amperage.
    so it is important to read the instructions carefully and understand the specific capabilities of your device.
  • Remember, the primary goal of using a stun gun in self-defense is to create an opportunity for you to escape to safety, not to cause unnecessary harm or injury.

What If The Attacker Grabbed The Stun Gun?

  • If the attacker grabbed the stun gun, it can be used against you. so you will have to run to survive this serious situation.

  • It is highly recommended to use a stun gun with a wrist strap that is connected to disable pin and wear this wrist strap while you hold the stun gun.
    So, the stun gun will not function without the disable pin in case he took the device from you.


  • There is another type of stun gun to use like the taser knuckles with rubber coating that offers no slip, so you wear the knuckles and insert your fingers inside & start punching (which is very hard to be taken from you)



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