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taser x2 review

TASER X2 review will walk you through the most powerful electric self-defense tool that is being used by policemen, It is a two shot device, just a little bit bigger than the x26 and way better:

  • 1- It has 2 loaded cartridges, so it is okay to miss your target once or dual-shot device will enable you to face multiple targets.
  • 2- No worries, the laser sight will help you so much to aim precisely for your target & hit it correctly.
  • 3- The Only disadvantage is its expensive price Check Out The Price
  • 4- We recommend it for the home security only as it is an alternative for a firearm.

Short Summary:

  • This is a Full guide or manual to help you how to use the Taser X2 and be familiar with its feature such as Trigger, Arc Switch, Safety Button, PPM “Performance Power Magazine”, APPMDual laser, DimensionsCID & Illumination.
  • I made my research in the self-defense communities for more than 7 hours to come up with this ultimate guide of TASER X2, so Please keep reading till the end to know how to deal with each point and i promise that you are going to be an expert in using the Taser X2 within ONLY 10 mins of reading.

taser x1

TASER X2 Review: How You Can Use?

Simply you can move the safety button and use the laser to help you aim at your target correctly and then pull the trigger to shot the cartridge at the attacker to stop him.

Please keep reading to know how it works in details so you will be aware why it is so expensive & why the law enforcement are relying on it beside the firearms while dealing with criminals.


  • The trigger is used to discharge cartridges, so that you can stop the attack & survive any potential danger.
  • The X2 default mode has semi-automatic selection. When the safety switch is moved to the upper arm position, the cartridges number 1 or 2 are automatically selected.

TASER X2 Trigger

  • When the triggers are pulled, cartridge number 1 “on the left side ” will be discharged. The trigger will then initiate an automatic 5-second cycle with standard PPM “Performance Power Magazine” – will be explained later on in this article.
  • The cycle can be prolonged by pressing the trigger continuously.
  • The second cartridge is selected automatically on the next trigger press, which will fire the cartridge and start a new cycle of five seconds. This can be stopped by simply moving the safety switch to the safe or down position.

Arc Switch:

It is located In front of the trigger and there’s one on each side of the device the Arc switch allows you to arc across both cartridge bays without discharging any loaded cartridges.

So you can incapacitate the attacker by making it a contact-weapon like normal stun guns. 

The upper part is the safety more while the lower and smaller is the arc switch.

There are three basic functions that can be performed with the arc switch: 

  • First you will need to activate the Arc switch by moving the safety button into the up arm position. 
  1. You can  perform your daily spark test without needing to unload your cartridge. 
  2. you can also give a warning arc in the field without having to unload your device.
  3. The Arc switch also allows you to re-energize cartridges that have already been discharged. 

Please consider that the Arc switch is only active while it is being depressed as soon as it is released the Arc will cease, so there will be no automatic 5 Second cycle associated with the Arc switch. 

Unlike when using a standard PPM the Arc switch will continue to cycle until it is released.

Dual Laser:

  • Dual lasers to indicate the approximate point of impact of both probes.
  • The top laser is solid and the bottom laser is blinking So, the bottom laser will only appear when a live cartridge is inserted into the taser X2.
  • The bottom laser is calibrated to provide the point of impact for the bottom probe for both the 15 and 25 foot cartridges and it is not calibrated to be used with the 35-foot cartridge.

dual laser of x2

TASER X2 Illumination:

It is a great option in this device to brighten up the dark areas or blind the attackers temporarily, Please follow theses steps to know how to activate the Taser X2 flashlight & the laser:

taser x2 illumination

1- So you will have to use your finger ONLY to press on this area & never use a pen or a pencil as this might break it.

Then choose the sight option from the CID:

sight mode taser x2

2- You can select the sight option with the left-arch switch button.

right switch arc

3- Choose which mode with the right-button of the arch switch – use it as a scroll.

illumination mode of taser x2

OO = Means No Flashlight & No Laser.

LO = Means LASER Only.

OF = Means Only Flashlight.

LF = Means Laser & flashlight will be On.

What is PPM “Performance Power Magazine”?

One of the most important features I need to mention in this taser x2 review is the Performance Power Magazine Or PPM which is the power source for the taser X2:

  • Before inserting the PPM into the X2 first ensure that the safety switches and the down safe position and that your X2 is not loaded
  • The PPM has a raised Ridge along the backside this part will go to the towards the rear of the taser X2 handle as shown below:


  • To insert it simply depressed the PPM release button located on the side of the handle and insert the PPM into the handle and press it all the way down until you hear an audible click.
  • you can see that the PPM released button is flush with the handle the X2 PPM is now inserted.
  • The X2 is ready to load and deploy and if you need to remove the PPM simply depressed the PPM release button pull gently on the PPM until it comes out.

What Is APPM “Automatic Shut-Down Performance Power Magazine”?

  • Auto PPM is an option that ends the taser 5 seconds cycle, even if you pulled the trigger continuously.
  • Audible alarm will sound after three seconds and will continue for the final two seconds of the cycle to as a indication to the officer or the owner of taser X2 that their cycle is about to end to deliver additional Cycles the officer will have to depress the Arc switch.

APPM Taser x2

Reading The CID “Central Information Display”:

Once you start using the device, you would notice that have a nice display to inform you the taser X2 status , is the battery fully charged or not, which cartridge is selected and is in the safety mode or semi-auto mode to start shooting:

  • Here are the details:


The TASER X2 Batteries are not rechargeable but you are not going to replace them before 5 years or 500 shots.

As you can see below, the status of the battery is full, so You will never face the attacker with empty batteries because you already have an indicator that tell you the accurate status unlike the normal stun guns.

Taser X2 CID


  • As you can see below, that play icon indicates to the current operating mode of the device.

TASER X2 Semi Automatic

Which Cartridge has been selected?

  • You can notice that the left-cartridge is selected, so this should be one will be discharged once you pull the trigger.

Taser X2 selected Cartridge

How Much Does A TASER X2 Costs?

  • 1300 US Dollars is the price, sometimes it goes down to 1259.99 & it might not be affordable for you based on your security needs.
  • That’s why I highly recommend you to visit the Best Stun Guns article to check what can be suitable to your budget. & also Best tasers for self defense to have an overview about the other types of tasers.

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All You Need To Know About TASER X2: 

It is expensive because it is so effective to deter an attacker, so i will walk you through step by step in this taser x2 review to clarify all the features of this huge stopping power:

Taser X2 Dimensions:

It is a big one, will not be your best choice while running or if you think of making it concealed:

– Height: 4.2 Inches (10.7 cm)
– Length: 7.8 Inches (19.8 cm)
– Width: 1.7 Inches (4.3 cm)
– Weight without Cartridge: 1 lb. (454 g)

Taser X2 Battery:

  • Models X1 and X26P with 500+ shots.
  • The bottom of the unit can accommodate an additional TASER cartridge.
  • Lifetime Replacement (if you lose yours during an attack)

Taser X2 Battery

  • It Costs 80 Us Dollars separately.
  • Not rechargeable but can last up to 5 years on shelf or 500 shots as i mentioned earlier.


Taser X2 Holster

  • Allows for quick draw for high performance
  • Covers trigger, digital readout menu, and probe housing
  • Based off of the successful X26 holster by Blackhawk
  • Injection-molded material with matte black finish
  • Does not include TASER® X2 (sold separately)

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Taser X2 Cartridges: How To Load & Unload them?

1- You must ensure that the safety switch is in the down safe position and point the device in a safe Direction as removing taser prongs is not easy as it sounds.

2- Hold your cart smart cartridge from the sides, simply insert it with the circuit board first into the cartridge by pushing all the way down until you hear an audible click.

Taser X2 Smart Cartridges

3- Make sure it’s locked in tight now load your second cartridge the same way it’s always a good idea to load from the outside and so you’re not passing your hand in front of a loaded cartridge before 

4- you can check on the CID that you have two good cartridges loaded and in place and of the proper type that’s selected as shown below.

Taser X2 selected Cartridge

5- Now put your weapon on safe and holster 

6- To unload the Cartridges, activate the safety switch (by making it down) then you’ll need to press the cartridge released button

7-You will find it on the bottom of the handle beside the laser location.

8- Simply depress the release Partridge release button and pull each cartridge out again.


Now our Taser X2 review is over, and I can assure you this beast should be the best option for the home protection, as it is very hard to keep in your pocket and it is not concealed, however its stopping power is extremely effective.

That’s why keeping this beast in your house is a MUST to prevent any loss of your valuable assets & defend your family members at the same time.

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