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The range of a Taser is limited by the length of the wires attached to the darts. There are currently two lengths available, 15 feet, and in some devices 21 feet.

Tasers have projectile prongs that can be attached up to 15 feet apart, and they send electric current over a wider area of the body at once. This stops attackers from fleeing after being stunned:

  • The probes stretch out more widely the further you are from them.
  • Over larger distances, accuracy may become challenging as a result. One probe should be struck above the belt line, and one should be struck below.
  • The bottom probe may entirely miss, hit something else, or miss as it passes between the legs over extended distances.

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Short Summary:

  • You can aim for the attacker’s body from a distance that’s up to 15 ft.
  • Several factors are playing an important role that is impacting the TASER range such as the proper installation, Cartridge type and the weather conditions.
  • TASER will not protect you unless you received the proper training of how to use it effectively.


Nonlethal weapons play a pivotal role in law enforcement and public safety. Of all of these tools, police tasers stand out as particularly valuable assets

so it is vital that both officers and civilians understand its capabilities. In this comprehensive guide we explore just that by answering this important question: “How far can a taser shoot?”

Exploring Factors Influencing Police Taser Range:

To determine how far can a taser shoot, several factors come into play:

1. Electrode Installation Process

Proper electrode placement is key to achieving maximum range. The distance between the prongs has an impactful influence on their weapon’s ability to deliver consistent shocks. Aiming precisely increases your odds of immobilizing targets from greater distances.

how far can a taser shoot

2. Cartridge Type

The type of cartridge chosen has a great impact on taser range. Taser models equipped with longer reach cartridges can cover greater distances compared to their counterparts equipped with standard ones.

Taser range

3. Environmental Conditions When living in certain environments

External factors, including wind, rain and temperature can have an impactful influence on the effectiveness of electrical discharge from a taser device. Wind resistance could cause electrodes’ trajectory to deviate away from their desired trajectory reducing range significantly – it is therefore crucial that these conditions are taken into consideration during tactical deployments.



Pushing the Boundaries: Can Police Tasers Shoot Beyond Reach?

Police tasers come equipped with various range specifications. Most models typically reach 15 to 25 feet; however, modern advances have led to models with extended reach of up to 35 feet.

Overcoming Range Limitations: Strategies and Solutions

Since you are here to know how far can a taser shoot, I recommend you to consider these tips:

1.Training and Familiarization:

Law enforcement officers should undertake intensive taser training to improve their accuracy and proficiency when using them. Learning their weapon’s specifications and effective aiming techniques will lead to more successful deployments.

2.Proper Aiming Techniques

Accurate targeting of the Taser is of utmost importance. Officers should aim for the largest target area possible – usually the center of mass – so as to increase chances of electrode penetration and shock delivery.

3. Tactical Considerations

Officers should strategically position themselves to maximize their taser’s range. Achieving this through maintaining safe distance from subjects while considering environmental conditions will increase its success in deployment.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding TASERs:

how far can a taser shoot

How Far Can A Taser Shoot?

Taser guns have helped save many lives since their introduction by helping police safely subdue dangerous suspects without using lethal force. Tasers work by sending electricity through skin at high speed in order to disrupt muscle functions and incapacitate attackers.

Unlike stun guns which only use pain shocks as deterrence for attacks, tasers feature projectile prongs which can attach themselves up to 15 feet away and send current across wider portions of body areas simultaneously, stopping attackers from running away after getting stunned.

What Are These TASER Devices?

Taser devices manufactured by Axon (formerly TASER International) have long been popular with police departments because they can be deployed remotely without risking serious physical blowback or gunshot. But according to an investigation conducted by APM Reports, less-lethal weapons like Tasers may not be as effective as advertised; over the last five years their effectiveness has diminished in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Houston compared with older models such as the X2 and X26P models.

How It Work & Are They Effective?

One factor contributing to tasers’ lower effectiveness may be their smaller prongs, which provide painful shocks without penetrating deep enough into the body to cause cardiac issues. By comparison, traditional stun guns’ barbed darts may penetrate more deeply and damage internal organs or even lead to fatal heart attacks.

Tasers may only work intermittently on subjects who are under the influence of cocaine or other stimulants, since such drugs alter physiology, making it harder for Tasers to cause muscular paralysis by interfering with nerve signals to the muscles. Although Tasers stimulate only small portions of skeletal muscles at any one time, prolonged stimulation could prove harmful over time if left too long without stopping.

AXON Claims Of Using TASERs:

Axon officials have often claimed during earnings calls and marketing materials for their tasers to incapacitate suspects 86-98 percent of the time, prompting APM’s yearlong investigation to demonstrate these claims as misleading and false.


Problematic is Axon’s failure to change the angle of its newer taser prongs until recently. Before that, two prongs on each weapon were spread apart at 12-degree angles so as to puncture skin without frequently penetrating deeper tissues.

Axon recently made minor modifications to its latest tasers in an effort to increase reliability, yet Axon continues selling cartridges for 12-degree angle weapons which remain in service with many police forces worldwide. Axon has yet to explain why this change wasn’t implemented earlier.

Conclusion Of How Far Can A Taser Shoot?

Law enforcement technology continues to evolve rapidly, making police tasers an essential tool for maintaining public safety. Understanding how far can a taser shoot, its range and employing strategic techniques can significantly increase its efficiency.

From that point, I highly recommend you to keep a TASER device at home for security “just in case”, and if it does not suit your budget you can check my article [Best Stun Gun In the Market] to check what can work for you.





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