What is The smallest stun gun in the world?


The World’s Smallest Stun Gun

Stun guns offer the ideal way to protect yourself in case of an attack – their powerful shockwave can not only cause physical discomfort but can often deter attacks altogether! Even smaller stun guns boast up to 5 million volts of shocking power!

Many people want to carry self-defence weapons but fear attracting unwanted attention or alerting attackers that they do. An Apple smartphone-shaped stun gun is one way to disguise its use as a defensive weapon; others can disguise their weapon by making it look like an ordinary cigarette lighter; some even feature bright CREE LED light capabilities to help illuminate dark areas and disorient an attacker.

smallest stun gun

The world’s smallest stun gun combines high-voltage stuns and powerful flashlights into one discreet pocket-size package for ease of use and discretion. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that quickly charges overnight. Furthermore, this stun gun comes complete with an easy holster for storage and access when necessary; with options to wear either around your neck or waist.

Some individuals prefer having a stun gun they can fire from a distance – often called tasers – which will deliver an electric shock upon contact with an attacker’s skin. Others choose something more personal such as one which can be activated simply by touching it; such a stun gun often goes by its name.

These stun guns tend to be smaller and easier to conceal in wallets or hold directly against an attacker in order to provide immediate pain-sensation. Furthermore, this type of stun gun tends to be much more powerful than its taser counterpart that requires greater accuracy to operate.

There is an array of stun guns currently on the market, ranging from those designed to look like everyday objects like an iPhone or cigarette lighter, to more discreet models that may be concealed under clothing or purses, or could even pass as other devices like an umbrella or pen! It is important to keep in mind that electroshock weapons are non-lethal; as they only cause temporary loss of consciousness; therefore they should usually be combined with other forms of self-defense gear such as pepper spray or knives in order to form effective personal protection packages.

The smallest stun gun Reviews

Electric Triviac

Electric Triviac

  • Looks like a real tube of lipstick but hides a 25 million volt (4.2 milliamps) stun gun
  • Test fire unit into the air to scare attackers due to its intimidating noise and spark
  • Easily fits in a purse or pocket so you have it on hand when walking home or to a car
  • Built-in LED flashlight illuminates dark areas or can temporarily blind attackers
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharges and activation button triggers stun
Streetwise™ Smart Body Activated Stun Gun 24M

Streetwise™ Smart Body Activated Stun Gun 24M

  • Uses your own natural body current to activate and prevent accidental discharge when carrying
  • The only stun gun with the ability to guage how much power you have left
  • This small stun gun has more power than most large models on the market today
  • 24 million volts of shocking power
  • Features a quick release keychain that make it easy to use
Safety Tech Slider Fake USB Flash Drive Mini Stun Gun 10M

Safety Tech Slider Fake USB Flash Drive Mini Stun Gun 10M

  • Compact stun gun designed to look like a USB flash drive
  • About the size of a pack of gum to hide easily in your palm, pocket or purse
  • One-handed slide activation switch unleashes 10 million volts of electricity
  • Attackers can be deterred even with a simple test fire into the air
  • Built-in LED light and wrist strap for secure hands-free carrying at night
Streetwise™ USB Secure Keychain Stun Gun 22M

Streetwise™ USB Secure Keychain Stun Gun 22M

  • Looks like a real USB flash but hides a 22 million volt (0.83 microcoulombs) stun gun
  • Emits an intimidating arc spark and crackling sound when fired to scare off assailants
  • Simple slide and stun push-button trigger provides quick one-handed activation
  • Bright LED flashlight illuminates dark environments or temporarily blinds assailants
  • Built-in keychain attaches to keys for handsfree carrying in a pocket, purse, etc.
Streetwise™ Pain Pen 6" Rechargeable Stun Gun 25M

Streetwise™ Pain Pen 6″ Rechargeable Stun Gun 25M

  • Looks like a real pen but hides a 25 million volt (0.89 microcoulombs) stun gun
  • Scares off attackers with an intimidating arc spark and crackling sound when fired
  • On/off safety switch prevents accidental activation with separate stun activation button
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with power indicator lights and USB recharging cable
  • Small size and built-in pocket clip makes it easy to carry in a pocket, purse, bag, etc.
Streetwise™ Sting Ring Rechargeable Stun Gun 18M

Streetwise™ Sting Ring Rechargeable Stun Gun 18M

  • Electric shock ring fits around the middle finger of hand
  • New Squeeze-N-Stun technology unleashes 18,000,000 volts of electricity with a press
  • Easily conceal in your hand with on/off safety switch to prevent unintended discharges
  • Built-in battery can be recharged using the included cord in any standard USB port
  • Small and lightweight size makes it easy to carry in a pocket, purse, backpack, etc.