Secure Your Firearm with BARSKA® Fingerprint Gun Safe

BARSKA® Fingerprint Gun Safe


The Quick Access Biometric Keypad Handgun Desk Safe from Barska is a cutting-edge security solution designed to keep your handgun secure and within reach.


Any gun owner knows the importance of keeping their firearms safely stored and easily accessible. This biometric gun safe offers a perfect blend of security and convenience, allowing you to store your handgun discreetly and access it quickly when needed like BARSKA® Fingerprint Gun Safe

Key Features

Clearly, this biometric gun safe is packed with features that make it an ideal choice for gun owners. Here are some of the key features that set it apart:

  • Quick-Access Biometric Fingerprint Scanner: allows for rapid access to your firearm with the touch of a finger
  • Stores up to 20 Fingerprint Scans: multiple users can store their fingerprints for easy access
  • Accommodates Most Standard-Size Handguns: fits most standard-size handguns, making it a versatile storage solution
  • DOJ Approved for Firearm Storage: meets California DOJ standards for firearm storage
  • Tamper Resistant Steel Construction: ensures your firearms remain secure
  • Discreet Silent Access Mode: maintains confidentiality when accessing your firearm
  • Left or Right Mounting Options: caters to your preference
  • Protective Foam Lined Interior: safeguards your handguns
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes: streamlines installation
  • Operates on 4 AA Batteries (Included): convenient and easy to use
  • Set of 2 Emergency Back-Up Keys: provides an additional layer of security

After considering these features, it’s clear that this biometric gun safe is designed with your needs in mind, providing a secure and convenient storage solution for your handguns.

A closer look at the key features reveals a thoughtful design that prioritizes both security and accessibility. With its compact yet spacious interior, this safe is perfect for storing your handgun discreetly and accessing it quickly when needed.

Specifications of BARSKA® Fingerprint Gun Safe

Before making a purchase, it’s necessary to understand the specifications of the Quick Access Biometric Keypad Handgun Desk Safe from Barska.

Interior Dimensions

To ensure a snug fit for your handgun, the interior dimensions of this safe are designed to accommodate most standard-size handguns.

Exterior Dimensions

Exteriorly, the safe measures 7.6″ x 3.8″ x 13.5″ (DxWxH), making it compact yet spacious enough to store your firearm securely.

Dimensions are crucial when choosing a safe, and this one is designed to be versatile and reliable for storing your firearms.

Included Accessories

If you’re looking for a safe that comes with everything you need, this one includes 2 keys, mounting hardware, and batteries to get you started.

This comprehensive package ensures that you can set up and use your safe immediately.


Even more impressive is the biometric memory, which can store up to 20 fingerprint scans, providing quick and reliable access to your firearm.

Accessories like this biometric memory feature make this safe stand out from the rest, offering an added layer of security and convenience.

With these specifications in mind, you can rest assured that the Quick Access Biometric Keypad Handgun Desk Safe from Barska is a reliable and secure storage solution for your firearms.

Important features to note:

* DOJ approved for firearm storage
* Tamper-resistant steel construction
* Discreet silent access mode
* Left or right mounting options
* Protective foam-lined interior
* Pre-drilled mounting holes
* Operates on 4 AA batteries (included)
* Set of 2 emergency back-up keys


Your biometric gun safe’s performance is crucial in ensuring your safety and the security of your firearms. Here’s how the Quick Access Biometric Keypad Handgun Desk Safe from Barska fares:

Speed and Efficiency

Performance-wise, the biometric fingerprint scanner is incredibly fast, allowing you to access your handgun quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. With a swift scan of your fingerprint, the safe opens silently, thanks to the discreet silent access mode, giving you immediate access to your firearm.

Accuracy and Reliability

Assuming you’ve enrolled your fingerprints correctly, the biometric scanner is highly accurate and reliable, ensuring that only authorized users can access the safe. This feature is particularly important in high-stress situations where every second counts.

For instance, the safe can store up to 20 fingerprint scans, allowing multiple authorized users to access the safe quickly and easily. This feature is particularly useful in households with multiple firearm owners or in situations where you need to grant access to trusted individuals. The scanner’s accuracy and reliability are further enhanced by the safe’s tamper-resistant steel construction, which provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized access.

Design and Build

Despite its compact size, the Quick Access Biometric Keypad Handgun Desk Safe from Barska boasts a robust design that ensures the security of your handgun.

Material Quality

Even at first glance, it’s clear that the safe is crafted from high-quality materials. The tamper-resistant steel construction provides a solid foundation for the safe, while the protective foam-lined interior safeguards your handguns from scratches and damage.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

With its sleek and modern design, the safe blends seamlessly into any environment. The compact dimensions of 7.6 in x 3.8 in x 13.5 in (DxWxH) make it easy to place on your desk or shelf, while the left or right mounting options cater to your preference.

Any homeowner or gun enthusiast will appreciate the thoughtful design of this safe. The quick-access biometric fingerprint scanner is strategically located on the front, allowing you to quickly access your firearm in emergency situations. The discreet silent access mode ensures that you can access your gun without drawing attention to yourself. Additionally, the pre-drilled mounting holes make installation a breeze, and the protective foam-lined interior keeps your handguns safe from damage.

To wrap up

Now that you’ve considered the features and benefits of the BARSKA® Fingerprint Gun Safe, you can rest assured that your firearm is secure and easily accessible when you need it. With its advanced biometric technology, tamper-resistant steel construction, and discreet design, this safe provides the perfect balance of security and convenience. By investing in this safe, you’re taking a responsible step towards protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your community.