Fox Labs Pepper Spray Review – Is It Worthy?

Fox Labs pepper spray Review is done honestly after testing out this product in the windy & normal conditions to help decide is it worthy or not, Please keep reading till the end

After purchasing Fox Labs pepper spray, I decided to this in-depth review to help you decide purchasing it or not based on your needs. therefore I am going to explain the pros & cons of this product and clarify how it can be a reliable self-defense weapon to stop any attacker.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fox Labs Pepper spray is one of the most effective pepper spray as it has got million SHU (Scoville Heat Units).
  • You can use it from a long distance up to 20 feet, and the attacker will feel an immediate effect of the pepper spray with no need to be close from the attacker to be safe.
  • Please keep reading to check how to use the pepper spray safely & a comparison table to help you make the best decision.

Fox Pepper Spray Review:

Fox Pepper Spray is one of the best pepper spray in the market but it comes it different types of canisters, so I will try to emphasize all the features of each one based on the needs & strength of each one.

Product Size Range Price
um9-ibfQ_4959efc9-82d1-42b7-8e4b-5f0ceb56eb90  -1.5 Oz
-1.25 inch diameter
-4 Inches Tall
-Stream pattern 17-20 feet and Contains 18 half-second bursts Check Price
V2-B2aAg 3 Oz
-1.25 inch diameter
-5.75 inches tall.
-Stream pattern 17-20 feet and contains 36 half-second bursts. Check Price
PGF1 -12 Oz
-5.5 inch diameter.
-9 inches tall.
20 feet and contains over 50 one-second bursts. Check Price

Is Fox Pepper Spray Effective For Self-Defense?

Fox Pepper spray is very effective to incapacitate the attacker due to the following reasons:

  • It is designed by Fox Labs, one of the most reputable brands in the market, their spray is so effective for self-defense as they create a high concentration of oleoresin capsicum OC inside the canister to cause severe irritation to the eyes & nose.
  • It has the best range as you can shoot the spray from long distance up to 20 feet.
  • The 3 Oz canister can be kept in pocket to help you in any emergency, & at the same time has a deadly stopping power of 5.3 millions SHU (Scoville Heat Units).
  • The effects of the spray & burning sensation can last up till 50 mins.

Why Do We Recommend Fox Pepper Spray Over the Other Pepper Sprays on the Market?

At the light of this Fox Pepper Spray review, we highly recommend it over any other pepper sprays on the market for a few reasons:

  • High concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC) which make the attacker suffers a lot & give you enough time to escape
  • It has a range of up to 20 feet, which is longer than many other pepper sprays on the market & that’s an extra edge to keep you safe by not being too close from the attacker.
  • Fox Labs has good reputation among law enforcement agencies & is known for its rigorous quality control standards, which ensures that each canister contains the proper concentration of OC and is free from defects.
  • Variety of options, different sizes, and different spray patterns whether it is stream or fog, just to meet your security needs based on each situation.

Available Types & Sizes:

Fox Pepper Spray offers several different types and sizes of pepper spray, but we recommend the small canisters as it is easily portable while the big ones have more spray & longer distance but hard to carry it in your pocket.

  • Stream spray: This type of spray shoots a narrow stream of pepper spray which the best pick for those who wanna target a specific person.
  • It came in different sizes, including 1.5 oz, 3 oz, and 12 oz canisters.
  • While the fogger spray shoot a cloud of pepper spray that can cover a larger area which is the best pick when you target a group of attackers but it doesn’t work really well in the windy weather.
  • Gel spray canister releases a sticky gel that sticks to the attacker’s skin and clothing, making it harder to remove it so you will have enough time to escape.
Fox Pepper Spray


The Fox Labs 5.3 sprays have a .7% MC concentration as the main ingredient is the 2% OC concentration.

Oleoresin capsicum (OC) is a chemical compound derived from hot pepper, that causes a severe burning sensation when it comes into contact with the eyes, nose, and throat.

Effects Of Pepper Spray:

Inside this fox pepper spray review, We need you to be aware of the effects to avoid any legal problem.

The pepper spray effects here with fox labs product can be different from a person to another, as it depends on the overall health of the person.

If a person suffers from an asthma or any respiratory problem for example, he will have a severe effects that may lead him to death but with the normal people, they will suffer from:

  • Irritation to the eyes or nose.
  • Temporary blindness.
  • Coughing & not able to breath.
  • Burning sensation.

The pepper spray is designed to stop any attacker & incapacitate him by making the painful & uncomfortable effects that will last from 5 mins up to 45 mins to give you a decent chance to run away & survive.

PROS & CONS Of Fox Labs Pepper Spray


  • Non-Lethal weapon can shoot from a long distance.
  • Affordable & easy to use.
  • Very effective to incapacitate an attacker.
  • 20 feet range & 5.3 Million SHU represent a great stopping power.
  • Variety of options & sizes.


  • Not legal in some US states according to the locals laws.
  • Possible side effects for those who have respiratory problems.

How to Use Fox Labs Pepper Spray Safely?

Using pepper spray in the right way is very important to know to incapacitate any attacker effectively without harming yourself or others, So please follow these tips:

  • After reading the safety instructions in the manual guide, you will have to practice using the spray to be familiar of how to remove the safety cap, how to use it in the windy conditions and how to aim correctly.
  • Always train & practice in a area that has no humans or pets around you to avoid causing any pain to innocent people.
  • You will need to learn how to get the canister out of your pocket in 2 seconds, so you can be ready any time you feel threatened to protect yourself.
  • Aiming the spray for the attacker’s face is the most effective way to stop the attacker and survive easily.
  • You must be 5 or 6 feet away from the attacker before shooting, then you will need to move quickly after spraying him to call for help or 911.
  • Avoid using the spray in the house or any closed area because you will have ZERO chances to escape from the pepper spray effects & also void using the spray in a windy conditions as the air can move the spray toward you instead of the attacker & you can think of holding a stun gun in such conditions “Please check the best stun gun article“.

The Bottom Line (The end of fox labs pepper spray review)

Finally, through this fox Labs pepper spray review, You became absolutely sure that is an effective weapon  &If you know how to use it correctly, you will be 100% safe & capable of surviving any potential danger.

Fox Pepper Spray

fox Labs pepper spray review
  • Fox Pepper Spray is a well-known brand for its high concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC) that will enable you to incapacitate any attacker.
  • Always bear in mind, you will need to practice using pepper spray until you become familiar of knowing the distance range of your weapon, knowing how to get the canister out of your pocket easily, and removing the safety clip to start shooting. 
  • Very Cheap as it costs less than 26 USD.
  • Best Range ever in the market with a 5.3 SHU makes it very powerful to help you overcome any enemy.