How To Use Pepper Spray For Self Defense?

How to use pepper spray is a MUST awareness you will need to get so you can overcome and incapacitate any attacker without any self-harm

Based on my experience in using pepper spray, i decided to write this blog post to let you know how to use pepper spray for self defense in a proper way that will always keep you safe against humans or even bears.

  • First, You will need to familiarize yourself with the pepper spray canister and make sure it is accessible to grab it easily when needed.
  • Always make sure to keep a safe distance from the attacker while using the pepper spray,  6-8 feet away is okay.
  • Then, aim for the attacker’s face and spray in short bursts and focus while spraying to make sure you’re hitting your target accurately.
  • Once you have sprayed the attacker, move away quickly and find a safe place to call for help and you will have more than 2 mins in the worst case scenario to run away which is a decent chance.
  • After using the pepper spray, or even touching it, you will have to wash your hands to avoid accidentally contaminating yourself or others with the spray.

Remember, pepper spray is a temporary self-defense tool, so you need to think of a plan for what to do after using it. This might include calling the police, or finding a safe place to wait until the attacker has left the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to be familiar with the pepper spray canister to use it properly, then avoid touching your eyes after using it and wash your hands & clothes that may has any pepper that can harm you or the others accidentally.
  • Inside the article, you will learn how to select the best effective pepper spray based on your needs.
  • Please keep reading to know how to use the pepper spray & what to do after the spraying the attacker to be safe.

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How To Select The Right Pepper Spray For Self-Defense?

When i was in this situation & i had to think of what should be the criteria to pick the best pepper spray for self defense,So please consider the following factors to be in the safe side:


The strength of the pepper spray is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). So you must choose a pepper spray with at least 2 million SHU to ensure it will be effective enough to incapacitate any attacker.


You should select a size that is easy to carry and access. There are different sizes available, from keychain size to larger canisters, so choose the one that can be packed easily in you bag or pocket.


Consider the range of the pepper spray. Some sprays have a range of up to 20 feet, while others are designed for closer range encounters. so please stick to the long-range to be away from the attacker which gives you a competitive edge to survive any situation.

Brand and quality:

Always buy the pepper spray from a  reputable brand that has a proven track record of quality and effectiveness.

Legal restrictions:

Be aware of any legal restrictions in your area regarding the purchase and use of pepper spray. so you do not need to carry it in a state where is not allowed to use pepper spray.

Always use the pepper spray as a last resort to protect your self & family and never misuse it to avoid any legal consequences.

How To Use Pepper Spray Correctly?

  • Pepper spray can be a powerful self-defense tool, if you use it correctly but you must ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • The first step is to get familiar with your pepper spray canister to use it without looking at the trigger.
  • Read the instructions carefully and learn how to quickly access the spray to be ready anytime.
  • You must check the expiration date of the canister and to replace it when necessary.

Getting familiar with your pepper spray canister

  1. When you are using a pepper spray, it’s a MUST to have the correct grip and stance.
  2. Hold the canister firmly in your dominant hand with your thumb on the bottom and your fingers wrapped around the top.
  3. Keep your other hand raised and ready to call for help or defend yourself if necessary.
  4. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees for balance.

Aiming and spraying the pepper spray

  1. The part of aiming and spraying the pepper spray toward the attacker is the next step.
  2. Hold the canister and then you can aim at the attacker’s face & shoot the spray.
  3. You must keep a safe distance of at least 6-8 feet from the attacker to avoid any self-harm.
  4. Then you can spray in short bursts, and move the canister from side to side to create a wider spray pattern.
  5. If the attacker continues to approach, use the spray again without thinking twice and always remember you have the edge no matter how big the attacker is.

Dealing with the aftermath of using pepper spray

  1. After using pepper spray, it’s important to deal wisely with the aftermath and the consequences.
  2. Move away from the attacker as quickly as possible and call for help.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, as the pepper spray can cause intense burning and discomfort.
  4. Remove contaminated clothing and wash any exposed skin with cool water and soap.
  5. You must seek a medical advise if necessary in case things got worse.

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Practice and training for effective use of pepper spray

  1. Take the time to practice using the spray in a safe, controlled environment.
  2. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable using it in a real-life situation.
  3. Consider taking a self-defense class that includes pepper spray training but i believe all you need is a big place where no people around to test & aim your pepper spray toward any paper object as a target.

Understanding the range and limitations of pepper spray

You must understand the range and limitations of pepper spray as the range can vary depending on the canister and the conditions, but it’s generally around 10 feet.

In a nutshell you need to be aware of any obstacles or barriers that may affect the spray’s effectiveness to stop any attacker easily.

The Bottom Line:

You are now aware of how to use pepper spray properly, aiming, dealing with the aftermath, getting advantage of the pepper spray effects to overcome the attacker and how to avoid any accidental harm to always safe.

After putting pepper spray into tests to check its effectiveness to protect you, the answer is YES, you can rely on it as a very powerful self-defense tool but ONLY if you are aware of how to use pepper spray in the right way.