Can Pepper Spray Kill You?

Can pepper spray kill you?, YES, It can be lethal if it has been misused.

According to our practical knowledge & experience with different brands of Pepper spray, we can confirm that is a non-lethal weapon that’s designed to be only a self-defense weapon.

However, if you misused it, you can cause the other person a permanent damage like blindness.

For example, Pepper spray can kill you if you have a respiratory problem & you have been exposed to a high volume of spray, So you are probably die in such a situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • [eafl id=”2010″ name=”Pepper spray” text=”Pepper spray”] Can kill you, despite the fact it is a non-lethal weapon.
  • Medical conditions & the overall health of the person who has been exposed to pepper spray determine how serious the pepper spray effect can be.
  • Using the pepper spray wisely is your key to personal safety without any legal problems.

Can Pepper Spray Kill You?

Pepper spray is designed to be a non-lethal selfdefense weapon, as its main function to cause temporary blindness or intense burning.

However we here in SelfDefenseME made our research & found that pepper spray can cause death in some cases with people who already have specific medical conditions:


  • Pepper spray can kill you if you have got an asthma, All people who have asthma or any other respiratory problems can be dead if they have been exposed to a high amount of pepper.

Allergic reactions:

  • There are so many persons have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the pepper spray canister, which can cause breathing difficulties.

Pre-existing medical conditions:

  • Such as heart disease, people who already have medical problem in the hear, will suffer a lot from the pepper spray.


  • Using excessive or high amounts of pepper spray can lead to respiratory distress or blindness, so please use the pepper spray wisely as a last resort to protect yourself or your family Only.

What Are The Risks of Pepper Spray?

I highly need to answer this question at the light of my experience while using pepper spray:

  • If you bought or you already carry a pepper spray canister, you should be aware of all the risks that are related to pepper spray weapon to use it wisely.
  • Also NEVER use for fun with your friends as this is a weapon at the end, however it is non-lethal but you must use it for the purpose of the self-defense only as:
  • You will need to consider that pepper spray can cause severe irritation and inflammation of the respiratory system, that will result a difficulty breathing. & it can lead to death with whom got an asthma.

  • Intense eye irritation is the main effect of pepper spray, including temporary blindness, tearing, and burning, so remember that spraying to much pepper can cause a permanent damage in the eye.
  • You may have a Skin irritation as this symptom can happen with people who have an allergic reaction or if you did not change your clothes after using the spray, Also not washing the hands after touching the canister can cause skin irritation.
  • You MUST check the local laws in your city regarding carrying a pepper spray or it will be a crime in the eyes of the law, not a self defense intention.

How To Avoid Any Accidental Discharge?

Simply I need you to follow what am doing when it comes to dealing with pepper spray 🙂

Since our article about can pepper spray kill you, you will have to avoid any mistake while dealing with the spray canister:

I will share with you some practical tips according to my experience, that is going to help you avoid any accidental discharge:

Know Your Product:

  • You will have to be familiar with your own pepper spray, how far will be the distance of shooting, how many SHU is your pepper spray & will be effective to incapacitate an attacker or not.

Keep It Secure:

  • Always keep the canister out the children reach, use the high places in the house and make sure to avoid placing the pepper spray bottle in a place that is exposed to the sun or any kind of heat.

Use a Holster:

  • You can use a holster as it can help prevent accidental discharge by keeping the pepper spray securely fastened to your clothing or belt but i personally don’t like this idea.
  • Because i prefer to buy a small pepper spray that is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge like the Fox Labs – POLICE PEPPER SPRAY 3 OZ. STREAM & has more than 650+ positive reviews from happy customers who already bought the product before.

Practice Proper Aim:

  • Practice shooting pepper spray in the outdoor area where no surrounding pets or people around, place a whiteboard to shoot at it and start learning how to aim properly.

Practice Discharge:

  • Don’t rely on the manufacturer instructions that the safety cap is working properly and will prevent any accidental discharge, so you have to test this by your self. But again test it in the outdoor not in your house & make sure no dogs, cats, or people around you.
  • Then, press the trigger while safety mode is on and check if it is working normally or not.

Check Expiration Date:

  • This can happen rarely to buy an expired product especially if you are dealing with a reputable brand but this should be the last step to check. as in some cases people buy pepper spray and leave it for years & they forgot to check the expiry date.
  • Always make a plan in your mind to ready for emergency anytime, so practice how to get your pepper spray out and access it with your on the trigger in a couple of seconds.

Can pepper spray kill you

Bottom Line:

  • By the end of this article, you became aware of can pepper spray kill you or not, and the best tip you must keep in mind is using this weapon very wisely and as a last resort only.
  • Understanding the risks of using pepper spray is essential to avoid any legal problems & at the same time you will be safe and able to survive any dangerous situation.