Mace VS Pepper Spray | Which One Is More Effective?

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mace vs pepper spray

Mace Vs Pepper spray, Both are self-defense tools that can help you getting the personal safety you really need. Keep reading to check what can be the best for you.

At the light of my practical knowledge, I will try to simplify the difference between mace & pepper spray as much as possible

Mace has chemical ingredients that exist in the tear gas, and it is named as Mace because of the company name like band-aid & bandages.

While pepper spray is made from oleoresin capsicum and other different natural oils that are extracted from chili peppers.

The key difference is that mace is an irritant that is not legal to be used in several US. states unlike the pepper spray which is legal in 50 US. states.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both weapons are capable of incapacitating any attacker if you used them in the right way. 
  • Pepper spray is widely used across the united states as it is legal in 50 states.
  • Every Weapon has Pros & cons which are going to be discussed into details.
  • Learning how to use the pepper spray and practicing shooting the spray is the key for the proper self-defense. 

Mace Vs Pepper Spray | Everything You Need To Know:

Please keep reading to know what can be working better for you as a efficient self-defense tool:

What is Mace Vs Pepper Spray?

Both used to have the idea or function of spraying the attacker in the face to cause him a burning sensation in the nose, eyes, and the throat which are the normal effects of pepper spray

The main difference in the ingredients, as pepper spray used to contain a natural oils that are extracted from chili & pepper while the mace have the same ingredients of the tear gas which is a chemical staff.

mace vs pepper spray

Pros And Cons Of Using Mace & Pepper Spray:

After buying both mace & Fox Pepper Spray, i noticed that each item has pros & cons which am going to emphasize it more

Pros Of Mace:

  • Sprays in a Stream Pattern.
  • 15 half-second bursts with range up to 12 ft.
  • Contains OC pepper formula, plus UV Dye to help police to track the attackers.

Cons Of Mace

  • Not legal in many states as it has the same staff of a tear gas.
  • No Many reviews as the majority of people buy pepper spray.

Pros of Pepper Spray:

I prefer to talk about Fox Pepper Spray from Fox Labs Company as i bought & test it out:

  • 17-20 ft. range which make it very effective to incapacitate any attacker from a long distance.
  • It has hundreds of positive reviews from clients who already purchased this canister.
  • Stream pattern, 36 half-second bursts with the 3 Oz. canister.
  • 5.3 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) that made this pepper the hottest in the market.
  • Affordable & easily portable.
  • It has 0.7% MC concentration as the main ingredient is the 2% OC concentration.

Cons Of Pepper Spray

  • Restricted to be shipped to Michigan, as this canister exceeds the 1.2 oz limit rule that Michigan has set on pepper spray possession.
  • Same rules applied with New Jersey, Florida & California.

How Mace & pepper Spray Work?

  1. Always make sure to keep the pepper spray in an accessible place like your pocket for example.
  2. Then, you will have to hold the pepper spray with your right-hand & let your left hand defend you.
  3. Grabbing the pepper spray from your pocket till you aim at the attacker and triggering the spray must not exceed 2 seconds ( A usual practice can help a lot in this case ).
  4. Remove the safety clip by flipping the upper part like the above pic.
  5. Aim the spray at the attacker’s face but make sure to be away from him, at least 6 ft. to ensure you would not hurt yourself.
  6. Last step is you should trigger the button to spray the attacker & incapacitate him as quick as possible.

To be successful in defending yourself or your friends, you must practice a lot on how to use pepper spray.

Mace Vs Pepper Spray Legality:

Speaking about the united states, every state has their own rules:

  • Mace is considered to be a chemical weapon as it has the same chemical compound of the tear gas and that made it illegal in several states.
  • While pepper spray is legal to use in 50 US states and has restrictions in some areas, Like NYC as you are allowed to carry a pepper spray in NYC but with some law restrictions:
  1. Must be above 18 Years Old.
  2. Clean Criminal Records.
  3. Buying from the licensed stores only as the online shipping is not allowed.


In conclusion, whether choosing Mace or pepper spray, personal safety should always be a top priority. Each option has its advantages, and selecting the right defense mechanism depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

After reading the comparison article of mace vs pepper spray, I believe you are now in the side of the pepper spray, hence You must be keen on dealing with the trusted brands only like Fox Labs which are known for:

  • Very high OC & long range up to 18 ft.
  • 90 Days – Money back guarantee
  • 5.3 Million SHU ( Scoville Heat Unit )
  • Affordability as it costs ONLY 26 US Dollars.

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